Saturday, 31 December 2011

Toodaloo, mother... truckers.

Haha, see what I did there? :L

Anywho. It's basically the end of 2011. Well, there's no better time to say it, is there? LOL. It's the end of this year, and probably time to turn over a new leaf... Anyone have any resolutions to share? :D

I'm not much of a resolution planner... I think. I just never did it. I don't really have enough motivation/gullibility to get myself to do things. Seriously. Not good. But I guess if I write them here, I won't be the only one to know what I've not done... wut. o__o

Aaaaanyways. Here's my resolution*! 
*(may or may not be subject to change...)

  • Study. Like, for real.
  • Don't piss people off.
  • Don't kill anyone, in any way.
  • Actually stick with the things I plan to do. Like this resolution, to begin with.
  • Blog at least once a month. (I can't believe I skipped November... LOL.)
  • Hopefully not become a literal fat slob. I've heard that the average (haha) weight mass gain during the final HSC year is 2-6kgs or something. LOL.
  • Don't go batshit crazy. (Although I can already see it happening...)
and last but not least...
  • Don't forget to be awesome! :D
My sister and I, casually being awesome. :D

That applies to everyone. Yay! *brohoof* (^D^)/)


Well. I think I'm going out to see the fireworks tonight, so I'll add some photos as soon as I can. :D


Aww man. Now that it's (going to be) 2012, I'll have to get used to writing '12 instead of '11... Dammit.

Yeah. That's basically all I wanted to say. Out with the old, and in with the new - it's time to refocus our mind on what matters most, whatever that may mean. Best of luck for the new year - we're gonna SMASH it! :D

Cass xx

Monday, 26 December 2011

Screw Christmas...


Haha. Don't screw Christmas, but don't forget poor old Boxing Day either! :P

Best wishes for the holidays season - Don't party too hard, otherwise you won't be able to top it on New Year's Eve! :P


So. I got my hands on my cousin's Canon EOS 7D, and so I naturally, I took a kajillion photos with it. Yay! Have some photos! :D


Lucky bastards... :P

The Average Christmas...
See what I did there? XD

Yay, decorations! :D

The outside of the house. Try not to stalk me, despite
how badly you may have wanted to.

I like this photo. ^^


Tree. And presents. That's most of the presents...
LOL, we call ourselves 'The Wong Tribe'.

I guess that's about it. Just wanted to wish you all a safe and happy holiday period ^^. As everyone says, be grateful for what you have, be hopeful for the future, and don't take things for granted! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! - Cass xx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

adsfudsukhgvsuhg SORRY!

Hi everyone! It's been waaaaaaay too long, hasn't it? It's not that I don't love you - it's just that I'm the laziest ass ever. It's in my name. GET IT?! LOL.

Okay. So. It's the... third day of the Christmas holidays, and what have I done?

  • Gotten one Gym badge. ONE.
  • Helped clean out/redecorate our Year 12 Study (which looks AMAZING, btw.)
  • Nothing.
Yeah. Seriously. I even said I'd write a blog post, but did I? Noooooooooo.

But here I am! I've been thinking about writing a post for the past at-least-a-month now, but yeah... *as motivated as Rarity is to get her hooves dirty*


First things first! Since my last post in... October or something?, two of my friends have had birthdays! Yay! old people! :D

First was Boyo's earlier this month. We all went over to her house, watched V for Vandetta (woo!), Bridesmaids (which was so wrong on so many levels), and Paul. One thing that you MUST do next time you watch a movie - DRINKING GAME!

Okay okay, not a real drinking game... Come on, we're underage believe it or not - I write all my posts completely sober, despite what you may think. In our drinking games, we set out specific rules. Usually along the lines of:

"Every time someone mentions 'Shadowchild', 'alien' or whenever there is a gay reference, you take a shot" of a selected drink. Soft drink, in our case. Good fun. Just make sure you have towels, a steady hand, a flat surface, and no one laughing hysterically... :L
All the stuff we gave her... She's obviously a maaaajor BRONY. *brohoof*

The other birthday of the month was Shazza's, whose birthday was actually not that long ago! LOL. She's the young one of our group, and so we were all super proud to see our widdle Shmazza grow up :'3

loljks she's threw a massive house party for 3837619 people for her birthday.

Okay no. But it almost felt like it! LOL. Wait no... not even. Okay. *zones out of sense*

But it was fun! We also got her a crapload of stuff, too! But I don't have a photo... *hinthintnudgenudge*

Moral of the story...


Okay, if you haven't already noticed the subtle references I've made throughout the post, you might think that I may or may not have just a teeny, tiny obsession with ponies. But not just any old pony - I'm talking My Little Pony. Yes, you heard/read right. Ponies.

Roll your eyes, whinny in shock, faint at the horror - whatever you're thinking, YOU WILL LOVE THE PONIES, AND THEY WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL-FLAVOURED CUPCAKES. But not the muffins. Who knows what happened to those muffins... *shiver*

Anywho. Yes, ponies. THEY'RE AWESOME. Ask any brony/pegasister in the herd what they think about MLP, and there will only be one answer:
"It's awesome. Watch it."
True story. That's how I became a brony. Mayo was the original brony of our group - she kept insisting that we watch it, and so we did. And we'll never look back on those dark, dark days of non-bronyhood. There's still one person who refuses to be converted *coughpretentioushipsterAnqidcough*, but that'll soon change... >:]

And just btw, I added 'brony' to my computer dictionary. You probably should too. :D


And that's all we have time for today! Thanks for watching, I *promise* to post again before the end of the year! :3

If I don't post before Sunday, Merry Christmas/Happy Boxing Day to all you -pretending to be- Christians... Happy Public Holidays for everypony else! :D

Sunset at 7:47PM, 17/12/11 :)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Year 12?! D:

Okay, now that school's started, the workload has picked up (well duh). Although it wasn't much last week, I'm sure we're going to be struggling by the end of this one. Why? Because of two four little words.

The Higher School Certificate.

aihflajfuejf;asihfsdfladhfkusgujfkhg life. >:(

Okay. I know it has barely started, and I know how chillaxed I am most of the time (true story!). But just you wait... Give me a couple of months, maybe after our first exam period or something and oh my god, I'll probably be having some sort of breakdown. Imagine more tears than at today's lunch. MOOOOOOOOREEE!! D:


So, what's new pussycat? (Woaaah, woo-oaahh woaaah, oh ohhhhh~)

*cough* Anywho. I GOT MY LICENSE! WOOOOOO! (Yes, I look like a stoner in my picture. No, I'm not uploading it onto the blog.)

I got it... on the 30th of September... which is just over 2 weeks ago lol. It's been pretty fun... kinda. Okay, more stressful than fun at most times. Get this - my dad stresses me out more than I do. He keeps yelling at me :(. It does not help for an adult (although fully licensed and legally allowed to teach you) to be constantly yelling at you, the fledgling bird that needs guidance in order to fly without constantly hitting trees and stuff. Especially when your already short/limited attention span is struggling under the pressures of:

  • staying on the road
  • not going over the speed limit
  • not crashing into other cars
  • not running over kerbs
  • not running over people
  • not accelerating/braking too hard
  • not panicking!! (very important! :L)
and finally...

  • not punching said parent in the face while driving.
It is hard. And that segment wasn't even meant to be a rant. I just found it bloody annoying and I thought I might share this with you guys... Moral of the story: Make sure your instructor doesn't have a temper as short as one of Willy's Oompa-loompas.


Aaaaaaand I couldn't resist putting this one in... How could you?! :L


School's started. I'm totally looking forward for the next week or so. Why?



     c) ZOMG, no more Extension Maths!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!~

I'm definitely more excited than I really should be... but the average person would be, right? :D

Which reminds me. Year 12s have a long standing tradition (and I'm sure it's for pretty much every school in the universe) for Year 12 Jerseys! Yay! We can get a customisable phrase at the back of it! Yay! My only problem is that I'm so damn average that I actually don't know what to put on it. Seriously. So I need your help. 

Please, please, please leave some suggestions for me. If you say 'Average', I will hunt you down and run you over with the car. Cause I can. I don't have many suggestions at the moment... Make the obvious one and you die. All suggestions are welcome! :D


One last parting note: Do you play Neopets? I KNOW YOU DO, STOP HIDING.

Add me? :D I'm cassandratam123 :D (Shut up, I made that account six years ago.)
If you want more friends, I'd suggest leaving your username as a comment below... Free advertising yay! :D

And now I bid you farewell. There are no guarantees as to when my next post will be... You'll just have to wait and see, won't you? :P

Good luck to the Year 12s sitting their HSC exams. I'd laugh, but I know that will be us in a year D: Oh dear... Besides, if you are in Year 12, GO STUDY!!! D:

You heard me. Comments and suggestions pl0x. By the way, check out the chat box on the side! Pretty sweet, eh? :D

Saturday, 15 October 2011

I'm still alive!!

Okay guys, get this. I've been procrastinating on the blog since... the 30th of September. Back in the holidays... Remember those things? Yeah. DAYUM I'm amazing. Haha. Here's what I wrote two weeks ago.


The first week of holidays is almost over and I'm yet to have an actual break! Seriously people. 

Okay maybe an explanation... Especially for my poor friends who thought I was eaten by my relatives from Minnesota. Haha, how right wrong were they. :P

Take off for Port Stephens. Yay! Port Stephens was a... 3 hour drive? I don't even remember now. We were meant to set off at 7:30, but it ended up being closer to 8... Anyways, we didn't go to our lodge straight away, we had a dolphin watching cruise booked for 1:30. We bummed around for a bit, bought food/lollies and took photos like your average Asian tourist. LOL. On the boat, we all marked our territory on the top deck of the boat with our various bags, hats and persons, and so we waited for the ship to sail. Swim. Go. Whatever.


That's all I had. LOL. I think I realised why I didn't finish that post... a) it was 12:30 midnight or something, b) I'm a lazy bugger, and c) The pictures I took weren't uploaded from the camera yet! :( So here's some more of it.

We went to the Hunter Valley. We stopped by a several wineries and other specialty shops. If you ever go down up? there, make sure you visit those. Especially the Chocolate shop. CHYEEEEAAAAH! We bought Chocolate Pasta. U jelly? It's literally pasta - macaroni, actually - and it's chocolate flavoured. That's right. Chocolate pasta. You should be jealous! But we haven't eaten it yet, so yeah. I'll get a photo of it when we do. :D

In the evening, we decided to take a quick trip to the beach. You can find pipis there! :D  There was an absolutely stunning sunset. I'm still in awe - it was breathtaking. *o*

(I didn't think I'd post that many photos... but it was really pretty!! *o*)

One of the major attractions of Port Stephens are it's sand dunes. Massive, epic sand dunes + people plus stuff = SAND DUNING. Especially fun if said stuff are sleds. :D (Or are they boards... whatever. They looked like skateboards with no wheels.) That's reeeeaally fun - you HAVE to do that if you ever go up there!

On the way home that afternoon, we stopped by at Terrigal, about an hour or so north of Sydney on Australia's Central Coast. Lunch yay! But you know what we found?

Dippin' Dots! Look it up - they're little balls of icecream!! :D
Bubblegum on the left, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on the right (moine!)

After a trip down south to Kiama the night before (and some epic games of ping pong and air hockey), we were all settled in our family friend's house in Kiama. Despite looking rather overcast, and raining (D:), the weather actually cleared up, and by noon, it was a beautiful day! [pictures coming soon! :(]

I don't even remember, it was that long ago. LOL. We had a little drama - my cousin was in an incredible amount of pain, so we were all fretting for him :/ He was fine after a bit of medication and after a few hours it seemed like nothing was ever wrong. Until he went to hospital again later that night. Lulz, poor kid. Anyways, it was nice to be home ^_^

Stay tuned - I'll write something else soon. I promise. :3

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The last phase of freedom...

There's only one thing on our collective minds. HOLIDAYSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! :D :D :D

Yes, it's that time of year again! But this time, it's special... It's our last (proper) holidays until just over a year from now. Gaddangit, nooooooooooooooooooo! >:(

Anywho. Exam period. Now, most people tend to tear their hair out and try to relearn (or learn in some cases) terms worth of information like a piece of stone-like sea sponge soaks up water - desperately. lolwut. But I emphasise that this is for most people. I (and in extension, we my friends) are not most people. Thank God for that. :P

Anyways, since I'm a crazy little bugger that does 13 units instead of 12 and do all the subjects that aren't together in exam period, I had to come to school for 8/10 exam days. Which is FREAKING ANNOYING AS SH*T. The one day (almost) everyone was there was last Thursday, cause we're all Ancient History nerds. B). Usually people go home or something after their test (read: away from school). Yours truly, however, gets the lovely choice of either staying at school for another FIVE HOURS, or face certain extinction, so it's not hard to guess which one I picked. For the first week it was bearable - I tried catching up on term-late maths work, which failed for obvious reasons. The second week, though? 

If I were to describe my preliminary exam period in one word, I'd choose:


The sad part is that it's true. LOL. But seriously folks. I don't even know how long I was sitting. By myself. All alone. *cue 'alone' music ie. Alllllllll byyyyyyyy myyyyyseeeeeeeelf~

Yeah. True story of my life. 


Now that exams are over and stuff, I don't know what to do with myself. I reeeeeaally don't want to do any work, but I've done so many tutoring placement tests it's not even funny... I mean sure it's the holidays, but there's so much I could/should do. Like have fun study. Yes. That's what my parents want me to do. Or maybe it's just my mum... Anyway, it's completely unreasonable to expect us Year 11s going onto Year 12 veeeery soon to not have a good time, especially when it's going to be our LAST EVER HOLIDAY. Foh real shizzles. wut. 

Anyway. Moral of the story: Have fun, guys! :D


The beginning of Year 12 also marks the end of another era - the Monday Lunches. Technically, we'll still have Monday lunch, but because we don't have any obligations after lunch, I can see many of us going home early :(. Anyways, the last Monday Lunch of the term was marked by the one and only douchey-moustache stamp from Typo (look! I even matched the font! :D). So what would you do with a douchey-moustache stamp?

Heeeeey Boyo! We're all fish around here! ˚3˚


Tomorrow is the Year 12 Mock Assembly - a 2-3 hour time slot where Year 12 shows us funny they aren't can be! Fun! :D I'm pretty sure everybody looks forward to these, cause why not? They must be the highlight of the Year 12 social calendar. :P Perhaps if I'm not lazy, I'll post up a couple of the best parts of it or something. :D

And on that note, I bid thee farewell. Let the good times roll! 8D

PS: Have a picture of my friends with Bruce Lee. :D

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I have a blog?!

It's almost as if I never had a blog... I haven't been on here for nearly a month!! :O

I feel like I should explain my absence from the virtual world...

*** Disclaimer: This post is rather depressing. Feel free to skip over it if you feel uncomfortable or whatever. It's cool. ***

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Miss me?

Sorry about the uber long period of silence... I know you're all dying for me to post something. :P

So. How have you been? Yes, I realise I probably won't get an answer, but hey! no harm done... I think. Since you asked so nicely, I'll tell you about a few things that have happened these past few days weeks that I haven't been posting. [Has it really been that long? *counts* 13 days... Oops. :3]

At school, we've been getting all of our tests and things back lately. In the past few weeks. Whatever. I'm one of those people who want their tests results back, not because I'm super confident that I'll ace the test, but more because I want to see my mark... [duh? I just realised that was super obvious. LOL.] Anyways, I think my marks actually aren't all to bad... I think they're all in the 70s - 80s. Which is not bad, but not good either. It's mostly average. LOL. Everything except for Ancient History, which I seem to be doing well at (o_O), and Extension Math, which I'm kinda failing... >_>. So yeah. We also got our subject selection forms, so that something else I need to constantly think about, for if I screw up, my life is over. Yes. /end melodrama/


On a lighter note, I've recently gotten into/addicted to this app on my iPhone - Instagram. It's a photosharing app - you take/upload photos, make them pretty with cool filters, and then post them to your profile-y thing. I think it's a bit like Twitter... except I don't have one. Lol, my friend saw my feed and thought it was Twitter. Anyways, it's a free app, and it's really good, so I suggest you get it. :D If you do, add meh! My username is 'cassanderawr'. I take photos of the sky most of the time. ^^ Here, have a picture!

Original - pretty :)

I told you so. :D


On Thursday, I had chem. We did a prac. It involved various substances... like sugar. And salt. And pencil leads. And bits of iodine. Yay! So we got gloves.

Now, what do you think a bunch of 16yo girls are going to do with said gloves? Fill them with water, of course!!

Hi. I'm Turtle, the (kinda awkward) dinosaur! Rawrr~
Yes. He survived with me for about 3 periods until he started leaking, so I had to throw him out sacrifice him gracefully before he bust his guts over me and my stuff. LOL. RIP Turtle - you are forever in my heart <3


Today, I've spent the most part of the day cleaning out several shelves in our study in order to get rid of it so it can be replaced (in time) by some other one. I think. Okay, all you need to know is that I've been going through piles and piles of stuff. 

I am such a hoarder. It's kinda weird... Anyone who knows me well enough would know that I tend to keep things. Usually for a later time. This happens a lot with food. LOL. So yeah. Being the hoarder I am, I found soooooo many things that most people probably wouldn't have. For example, I have Christmas cards (still in their envelopes and everything) from 2008. I even found one from 2006. I also found various school reports/bits of work dating from... 2005. It's kinda funny... I was kinda dumb in Year 5. LOL. Look at me now!: nothing's changed. LOL :P.

As well as food and... work... I also tend to stash away money. I think I uncovered about $100 worth of notes floating around... Hey! at least it's useful... :P

* * * * * * * * * *

One last thing: I'd just like to make a shout out to my dearest friend Lilian who was recently chosen as one of 12 state candidates for the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year!! Woohoo~! She's put a lot of effort into writing these past few years (or something like that), and it's great to see that all of her work has finally paid off. Congratulations again, and good luck for the finals! I know you'll make it with that word limit intact! :P

* * * * * * * * * *

That's it for today! Until I have something more worthy of your dwindling attention span, stay safe and enjoy life! ^^

Suggestions? Comments? Death threats? Everyone and everything is welcome! :D

Sunday, 24 July 2011

9 weeks to go...

... Sorry. It's just that I'm very good at procrastinating... But who isn't?! :P

Anyways... *returns to writing post 6 hours later*
Procrastinating, huh? -.-

Yeah... So I've been meaning to write something... about that Percussion Workshop I did at the Con the other day. Lots of people have been asking me "How was it?!", "What did you do?", and of course, "What did you learn?"... My answers to those questions: good, stuff, and I don't know... o_O

Seriously. When I look back at it, I can't really tell what I have learnt... If I did learn anything, it obviously didn't make a massive impact on me...

At least I can say what we did do... we did an African drumming session, a (fairly basic) tuned percussion session, and a... drumming technique session. Those were all on the first day (Thursday).

On Friday, we pretty much did the same thing as we did the previous day. However, this wasn't because the workshop holders ran out of material to teach - it was because we had to rehearse for the CONCERT! that was going to be held at 4:30. On Friday. Yeah, we stressed. A bit... Healthily. (Y)

Here's one of the videos, if you're interested. The rest are on my channel (cassandeRAWR)

My personal favourite, "La More Sigh". ^^

So yes. That was basically it.


We've been back at school for just under a week now, and most of us wish it was the holidays again... which don't come around for another 9 weeks. We also realised that we have 9 weeks (+holidays) until our (dun dun dun!)...
So yeah. Then we're screwed. It's also the last term that the Year 12s will be with us :(. But it also means that the Year 12 muck up days are coming!! :D I love seeing what they come up with, especially in the Mock Assembly, where they do skits and stuff... with some kind of general plot line in the background. Yay!

Anyways... I feel like I should add something, but I don't know what else to add...

Oh yes! Have you seen HP7 yet? I only got around to seeing it on Saturday (the 24th). The thing is, there were only a handful of people who hadn't seen the movie... You see, the movie has only been out for 1.5 weeks, and pretty much everyone has seen it. It's amazing. Anyways, if you have seen it, what did you think? Personally, it was alright, but not as spectacular as it could have been... I liked Part 1 more. :/

Edit (25/7):
 Omg. I can't believe I forgot this!!

That's right. "UNICORN-batter". LOOOOOOOL.
Drum courtesy of the Con.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below - it's not easy not knowing what your audience thinks! :P

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Yay, I'm carbon... average?

Well... Neutral = middle = average. There you go,

So... as I was browsing through one of the blogs I'm following ( if you're interested), I found a cool little badge at the bottom of their blog:


Since I'm a lazy bugger, here's an excerpt from the website! -

One Blog - One Tree
“My blog is carbon neutral” is an initiative, originally started in Germany by the “Make it Green” programme, that has the goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We plant a tree for your blog and thereby neutralise your blog’s carbon footprint for the next 50 years! Everyone can make a small contribution to the environment. Every tree counts!

So there. If you've got a blog, make it carbon neutral average! :D

Sorry about this lack-of-content post... Unless you'd prefer it that way! :O Please tell me if you do... Anyways, I should be posting something else up tomorrow, and if not, on Saturday... and if not, well... You're just going to have to wait, aren't you? :P

Monday, 11 July 2011

Would you like a Post-it Note for that?

(What is it, baby season or something? :L)

It's another of my friends birthday! And yes, I have more than two friends = zomg amazing!

This friend is, I'd say, has got to be one of the kindest, most thoughtful, smartest and loveliest people I know. That's not even an exaggeration. She's always concerned with everybody else, and she's always willing to listen and help out (as far as I know :P).

I get to spend heaps of time with her, namely ext. maths, bio, chem and music, and in this time, she has proven to be one of the best people to be friends with. I can't even name half of the things she's done not just for me, but for everyone who gets the honour of being this girls friend. Seriously. I don't know what kind of world we would be in without her lame jokes (that polar bear one was from her! :P). Which reminds me, I found another one:
"Hey, know any good jokes about sodium?" "Na."
Thank you, Facebook. (Click teh joke for the group page to like it.)

Anyways, we (a bunch of her friends) pulled together some money and we bought a box of various goodies. Like post-it notes, because the friend in question has quite the collection... :L. There was also a plushie, some cosmetics, and of course, a jar of Nutella. Naturally.

So there we go. Like always, a picture must included, so what's better than a birthday message? A birthday message on a post-it note? No. A birthday message on a DOMO post-it note. TRIPLE WIN!
(At the bottom: "Domo says so! XD". 'Cause
I know my handwriting is atrocious. :L)

Heh... Happy birthday again, Vivian! <3

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Happy Birth-

Well... It's another of my friend's birthday! Yes, I have more than one friend.

This friend is a special friend indeed - she is the youngest of our group (as far as I know, anyways... o_O). She is also the friend who didn't notice us and walked straight past... (this Monday lunch). Aaaaanyways, her birthday! Sadly, she wasn't allowed to have a party, but she's allowed to go to other people's parties... So we're going to have a party for... Sylvia when we get back to school! Or something like that...

So yeah. 

Here's something for you! 

Click pl0x. Enjoy!

That's my present for you. For now... *shifty*

Cass :D

Friday, 8 July 2011


Yes, that was a thinly veiled adaptation of a Lady Gaga song. Kill me now - it's too early in the morning.

Anywho, I went to Canberra today! Yesterday... Bear with me, it's 1:36am. :D

Haha, bears. Chem joke!: What kind of bears dissolve in water?

Answer: Polar Bears! Har-de-ha-ha. Sorry. I love lame/nerdy/bad/hilarious jokes. Absolutely LOVE them.


Anyhow... Canberra. We left Sydney at 6:50am or something... Hence, sunrise! Except we were driving heading west... >_>

7:05am, heading west.

We went up there to get my dad's passport done (he doesn't have an Australian passport). In order to get this done, we had to go to the Malaysian Embassy. If you ever go to Canberra, check out the embassies! They're really cool! Seriously! We drove around for 10 minutes just looking at them all! The Egyptian Embassy had a sculpture of the Sphinx in it!! :D

So yeah. While we waited for the passport to be processed, my parents dropped my sister and I off at Questacon. YAY! :D For those who don't know, Questacon is Australia's National Science and Technology Centre. Or something like it. Anyways, they have these galleries with different interactive displays. Fun! We were there for... four hours? I'm not sure now... Too much science-y goodness! I'm sure a lot of you have been there, but years ago. I think in order to truly appreciate the minds that put such a wonderful display together, you need to be a) old, and b) willing to stop, read and understand what all the signs are saying. It's pretty cool. We should go there for some science excursion. :D

Questacon. It's looks so... new. :D

And that was pretty much our day. Oh yeah, we bought shirts from Questacon. Really nerdy shirts. Like a periodic table... LOL.

And guys! Goulbourn McDonald's has changed! You know... the Macca's on the way to Canberra! The one everyone stops at!

ZOMG, shiny!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Strawberries and (ice)cream

Today's the official first day of the holidays! It is AMAZING. Omg. You would not believe how much work I have(n't) done. But then again, it's probably the same with everyone else... :P

Seeing as it was the first day, my sister and I decided to get super creative with our lunch! Yay! We ate leftovers.

We also had some strawberries that needed eating, so we did what one would naturally do - cover them with chocolate! Yay!

Of course, things don't go quite according to plan most of the time. We tried to melt our first batch of chocolate over a pot of boiling water (like the pros...?). We failed. I didn't believe that chocolate could burn... I was wrong. We ended up just microwaving the chocolate (Y). Still fun though! As you can see from the pictures, I only did two of the strawberries... Take your guesses! (Hint: they're the reeeally ugly ones. :P)

After using our bowl of chocolate and realising that we had quite a few strawberries left, we decided to just cut the damn things up and throw them in a bowl of icecream. Like anyone else would. :P

Strawberries with icecream~ Who could say no?

I can tell this is just the beginning of many other culinary adventures in our household to take place in the next two weeks... ;D


Oh yeah guys! I remembered the other day that I never did reveal what colour my nail polish was... LOL. (This post right here, if you want to check it out). For anyone that cared, it was called Mango Mango. As if that wasn't obvious at all... :P

Friday, 1 July 2011

School's out!

Heck yeah!

So. If you haven't figured it out yet, today was the last day of Term 2. I must say it's been pretty busy, with various camps, excursions, tests, Monday lunches and everything in between! Haha. I'd just like to put it out there by thanking everyone I've seen/talked to/waved at/tripped over this term - it wouldn't have been the same without you!

Now we (my friends and I) have one term of our preliminary HSC course to go, and it's coming down to the wire. Or something like it. It's crunch time! I think now's the time to adjust our mindsets and attitudes towards work. Well. Maybe after the holidays. I don't know. All I know that if I continue working at the rate I'm going now, I'm absolutely screwed in Year 12. D:

Anyways, H O L I D A Y S ! :D
Today was a great day to end the term on. (Maybe that was because it was the last day...) Anywhooo... Yes. It was fun. 

What we did today:
  • Ancient: Continued watching some video on the scandals of the Emperors of Rome. They were naughty back then! :O
  • Double Bio: More videos, then looking at pictures of mitosis-ing cells on the net because we were too lazy to go look through real microscopes. I love our bio teacher. :')
  • Chem: Making molecules of water and stuff out of those atom ball thingys! Yay! That was funny. :D
  • Double Music: Good, as usual. Better, seeing as we had a sub and we could kinda do whatever we wanted... Kinda. :P
  • Lunch: EPIC LOLS. Half of us got married/engaged/dated the same person by being given rings made from jelly snakes. It was beautiful. We also made some lovely music. Come on, who wouldn't sing along to Accidentally in Love?! Especially when you did Year 7 music at our school... :'D
  • Maths: Still LOL - resulting high from said epic lunch.
"Oooh, let's make words! ...RePo! You know, as in repo man!"

Our beautiful rings of luuurve~ <3

So there you go. My day in a nutshell. Filled with nuts. Figurative and literal. :P

Happy Holidays, everybody! :D