Friday, 8 July 2011


Yes, that was a thinly veiled adaptation of a Lady Gaga song. Kill me now - it's too early in the morning.

Anywho, I went to Canberra today! Yesterday... Bear with me, it's 1:36am. :D

Haha, bears. Chem joke!: What kind of bears dissolve in water?

Answer: Polar Bears! Har-de-ha-ha. Sorry. I love lame/nerdy/bad/hilarious jokes. Absolutely LOVE them.


Anyhow... Canberra. We left Sydney at 6:50am or something... Hence, sunrise! Except we were driving heading west... >_>

7:05am, heading west.

We went up there to get my dad's passport done (he doesn't have an Australian passport). In order to get this done, we had to go to the Malaysian Embassy. If you ever go to Canberra, check out the embassies! They're really cool! Seriously! We drove around for 10 minutes just looking at them all! The Egyptian Embassy had a sculpture of the Sphinx in it!! :D

So yeah. While we waited for the passport to be processed, my parents dropped my sister and I off at Questacon. YAY! :D For those who don't know, Questacon is Australia's National Science and Technology Centre. Or something like it. Anyways, they have these galleries with different interactive displays. Fun! We were there for... four hours? I'm not sure now... Too much science-y goodness! I'm sure a lot of you have been there, but years ago. I think in order to truly appreciate the minds that put such a wonderful display together, you need to be a) old, and b) willing to stop, read and understand what all the signs are saying. It's pretty cool. We should go there for some science excursion. :D

Questacon. It's looks so... new. :D

And that was pretty much our day. Oh yeah, we bought shirts from Questacon. Really nerdy shirts. Like a periodic table... LOL.

And guys! Goulbourn McDonald's has changed! You know... the Macca's on the way to Canberra! The one everyone stops at!

ZOMG, shiny!

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