Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I have a blog?!

It's almost as if I never had a blog... I haven't been on here for nearly a month!! :O

I feel like I should explain my absence from the virtual world...

*** Disclaimer: This post is rather depressing. Feel free to skip over it if you feel uncomfortable or whatever. It's cool. ***

For those of you who don't actually know me personally, you probably wouldn't be aware that I actually left the country for a couple of weeks a few weeks ago... (Yes, I deserve a trophy for procrastination.) I left on 9/8 for Malaysia, very suddenly, and I arrived back in Sydney on the 22nd.

"Why?!" I hear you ask. "Is it school holidays already?!" I hear another exclaimed panickedly panicky-ly. Well, no... My reason for going is not for enjoyment - in fact, the main reason was not in any way pleasant. My grandmother, who until April had been living with us for the past... 8 months, had been falling into progressively worse health since she got back to Malaysia back in April. Sadly, her health had been deteriorating rapidly for the week or so before we left Australia. My father had (started) going back on the Monday night, and the rest of our family were to go on Wednesday night because I had an excursion to go to... lol. Anyways, by the time my dad arrived in Malaysia (essentially Tuesday midday), my grandmother (God bless her soul [I don't know why I said that, I just thought it was appropriate...]) had fallen into a coma. :( My sister and I received this awful news at school, and well... I probably should have told my friends straight away, but they were all wailing in desperation because I told them that I was leaving 'tomorrow'. (Sorry guys...). 

So, our flight was to leave Sydney at 10pm or something, so we had to get to the airport before 7. We passed immigration and stuff, and everything was cool. We were passing through the duty free shops, and lo and behold! Apple products! With internet!! So there we were, my sister and I, going onto Facebook on iPads in the middle of duty free. 'Cos that's how we roll, betches. Yeah.

Anyways... It was here where we received a piece of absolutely horrible news - Mum came up to us, happily tapping away at iPads, and broke the news that my grandma passed away.

Okay, the weird thing is that... I didn't really feel anything. Call me heartless or whatever, but I just continued what I was doing... :/ I didn't feel any tears coming on (yes, I'm a heartless crybaby), and well... I don't know. It was weird. When I think back to it, I think I must have been in shock or something... I don't know.

Something about me: I don't cry because people punch me or whatever. I don't cry from that. I cry because either a) something really, really emotional is happening in a movie or something, and someone starts crying, or b) when I think of people dying... Geez, I sound so morbid. Anywho. I don't know why other people cry, but that's me. I should probably stop now before I turn into a babbling mess... (unlikely).

Yeeah, sorry about this depressing post. I just feel like I need to tell people about this... o_O Here's a picture, just cause. This was taken at the... iono, morgue? Her body was laid behind the screen-y curtain things... The flowers were reeeeeaallyy pretty :)

R.I.P. Grandma ♥


So after the very sad first few days of our trip, we tried to make the most of our time in Malaysia with the rest of the family. (Read "fun! fun! fun! fun!") :D. We left Sandakan for Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, on... the 12th or something. I don't even know any more :L Long story short, Malaysia is fun to shop in because of the exchange rate - 3 ringgits to $1AUD... HECK YEAAH.

And and and OMG. Icecream. Yes. Omg. THE BEST ICECREAM EVERRRRRR!


Yeah... That's the gist of it. I do have photos and stuff, but I've already uploaded a few onto Instagram... (Y) And a few on flickr. I think. So yeah... that's enough.

I promise to write another post. 

After my exams. 

Which is another 2 weeks. SORRY! :)


  1. It was kind of surreal reading this just now... I just got back from attending my great-grandmother's funeral.
    I shared your reaction though... stunned silence (perhaps it was because my mother dropped it on me just as I was waking up and I'm not the fastest at doing that). Today at the service I choked up a few times though...

  2. Oh wow... I'm sorry for your loss :( She must have been going pretty well to be a great-grandmother! Time will heal your wounds - just make sure to let it all out :)