Friday, 28 September 2012

Goodbye for now, but not forever.

Exactly a week ago, I graduated from high school. It was the end of 13 years of school life that I had come to enjoy, dislike, regret, cherish and love. Over the years, I've heard many people complain about how much they hated school, but I never really did understand why. I thought it was weird that I liked school, because not many people around me did (especially in primary hahahaha). However, as our last term, months, weeks, days, and finally hours came to an end at school, I'm sure many of us realised how much school has really shaped everyone. We've all learned to listen, put up with others, chat discuss, but I guess the greatest lesson that I've learnt is... 
To always make the best of your situation.
Perhaps I may not have always followed that rule (I probably didn't even know I had that rule, seeing as I just made it up...), but as far as I can recall, I've always tried to make light of situations instead of getting mad or upset. School has had its fair shares of tantrums and tears, but there will always be a huge bank of memories that I can call upon to brighten any of my days.

I remember on my first day, sitting in the school hall, and (vaguely) listening to my Principal and Year Advisor speak out to the sea of young peeps like me. I do remember the whole "Your year is one-in-a-hundred years, because your school year corresponds to the year you are in!", but I also remember not actually getting that... I thought it would be one-in-a-thousand, because we had the whole millenium thing going on too! *derp*

Later, I'd meet my Peer Support leaders and the other girls in my group (which I don't remember doing), and we'd have our introductions. We made name tags, and did the whole "Put a (nice) adjective that starts with the first letter of your first name in front of your name so we know who you are!", and I remember saying that I couldn't think of anything more creative than "cute" or "cool". Like actually. My Peer Support leaders were awesome and smart, and they thought of an adjective for me! Yay! +100 points for anyone who can guess/remember it! ;D

My first friend was probably De Yi, who's grown to be an incredibly beautiful and mature girl/woman, and still a dear friend of mine. Although we haven't had classes together for a while ('cept for Maths, which we both luv 5eva!!), I have always felt comfortable striking up a conversation whenever we could. Which is always great fun when you're both rushing in opposite directions down a packed corridor. 

My second friend was Melon, who was known as Emilyn back in Year 7, and "Entertaining Emilyn" in our Peer Support group. I thought that was pretty cool, no joke. :D Anyway, as you'd know, Melon was, and still is one of my bestest-est-est-est-est friends at St G (one "-est" for every year that I've known her!)

Hahaha, one of the things I clearly remember was De Yi and I getting ridiculously lost after recess trying to find our Peer Support group. It was so bad that we couldn't even locate where we were on our handy-dandy school map!!!!! I don't even know how we did that, considering that our school is not very big at all. Then again, the Peer Support leaders chose a seemingly obscure spot to park our group - it was away from the main quads, classrooms, and yeah. No room name!! (For those who are interested/care, we were sat on the grass outside the library, which is currently not grass, and roped off in the hopes that grass will eventually grow back... which will never happen. ^_^)

That may not have been our exact path...
but it was probably pretty close!!
While De Yi and I were wandering around the school trying to find our way back, the leaders had sent out a search party to look for the two of us! We eventually made it back to the group, only to be told that they were out looking for us... I think we were gone for at least 15 minutes or something HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Eeeeeyup. That was pretty embarrassing. I can only hope this doesn't happen at uni...


Speaking of uni, today, being the 28th of September, was also the day that UAC applications closed. I spent some time today going over my choices, and all of my applications. Reading over my responses to questions like "Describe how awesome you are." and "What makes you the best leader in the history of the world?" have made me realise that leaving school is just the end of one chapter of my life. According to most people I've talked to (which isn't many), Uni is actually pretty cool, what with all the freedom of choosing your classes and stuff.

I'm still going to miss high school though. That was da bomb diggity. Especially Year 11/12 (when I got awesome ^^").

Lolololololol, who am I kidding, I'm still your "average" kid here. :P

Anyway. I don't know what to do with the rest of this post. I actually meant to post much earlier than now, but since the HSC is quickly catching up on me, I may not get the opportunity to write about them... :/

Okay, my next post shall be a very brief/skimming overview thing of all the average things I've done since August. Cool? Cool.

But you'll have to wait for that post. Let me know if there's anything I should do before the HSC/Year 12 actually ends... besides study. I know that much. :P

And hey, maybe this is a good time to relive some Year 7-ey memories... If you'd like a (nice) adjective starting with the first letter of your name, then comment! Or let me know somehow. Whatever floats your boat. This will basically be my one-word-summary of my feelings towards YOU, dear reader! ^_^
Feel free to share your Year 7 stories, too! The world can never have enough New-Year-7 stories! :D

Okay, that's enough proCrASStinating. hurrhurrhurr. Sorry about the wordy and ramble-y post, but yeah... I didn't know what else to say. :L

But basically, thank you to anyone who has ever smiled, chatted and laughed with me. Even if I didn't really get to know you all that well, if you'd still like to, I'd be more than happy to meet up with you (after slaying the monster known as the HSC). But really. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys. <3
Up and out! Cass xx

Group! And Raiyan :L
Group + company heading out for lunch/dinner lunner!