Saturday, 15 October 2011

I'm still alive!!

Okay guys, get this. I've been procrastinating on the blog since... the 30th of September. Back in the holidays... Remember those things? Yeah. DAYUM I'm amazing. Haha. Here's what I wrote two weeks ago.


The first week of holidays is almost over and I'm yet to have an actual break! Seriously people. 

Okay maybe an explanation... Especially for my poor friends who thought I was eaten by my relatives from Minnesota. Haha, how right wrong were they. :P

Take off for Port Stephens. Yay! Port Stephens was a... 3 hour drive? I don't even remember now. We were meant to set off at 7:30, but it ended up being closer to 8... Anyways, we didn't go to our lodge straight away, we had a dolphin watching cruise booked for 1:30. We bummed around for a bit, bought food/lollies and took photos like your average Asian tourist. LOL. On the boat, we all marked our territory on the top deck of the boat with our various bags, hats and persons, and so we waited for the ship to sail. Swim. Go. Whatever.


That's all I had. LOL. I think I realised why I didn't finish that post... a) it was 12:30 midnight or something, b) I'm a lazy bugger, and c) The pictures I took weren't uploaded from the camera yet! :( So here's some more of it.

We went to the Hunter Valley. We stopped by a several wineries and other specialty shops. If you ever go down up? there, make sure you visit those. Especially the Chocolate shop. CHYEEEEAAAAH! We bought Chocolate Pasta. U jelly? It's literally pasta - macaroni, actually - and it's chocolate flavoured. That's right. Chocolate pasta. You should be jealous! But we haven't eaten it yet, so yeah. I'll get a photo of it when we do. :D

In the evening, we decided to take a quick trip to the beach. You can find pipis there! :D  There was an absolutely stunning sunset. I'm still in awe - it was breathtaking. *o*

(I didn't think I'd post that many photos... but it was really pretty!! *o*)

One of the major attractions of Port Stephens are it's sand dunes. Massive, epic sand dunes + people plus stuff = SAND DUNING. Especially fun if said stuff are sleds. :D (Or are they boards... whatever. They looked like skateboards with no wheels.) That's reeeeaally fun - you HAVE to do that if you ever go up there!

On the way home that afternoon, we stopped by at Terrigal, about an hour or so north of Sydney on Australia's Central Coast. Lunch yay! But you know what we found?

Dippin' Dots! Look it up - they're little balls of icecream!! :D
Bubblegum on the left, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on the right (moine!)

After a trip down south to Kiama the night before (and some epic games of ping pong and air hockey), we were all settled in our family friend's house in Kiama. Despite looking rather overcast, and raining (D:), the weather actually cleared up, and by noon, it was a beautiful day! [pictures coming soon! :(]

I don't even remember, it was that long ago. LOL. We had a little drama - my cousin was in an incredible amount of pain, so we were all fretting for him :/ He was fine after a bit of medication and after a few hours it seemed like nothing was ever wrong. Until he went to hospital again later that night. Lulz, poor kid. Anyways, it was nice to be home ^_^

Stay tuned - I'll write something else soon. I promise. :3

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