Monday, 20 June 2011

It's a trap!

Today I realised: Monday lunches some of the most philosophical, funniest and random conversations within our group. Seriously. You have no idea.

For example, today, after watching our youngest friend walk past us completely obliviously because we weren’t sitting at our usual spot, we talked about…
"Candle-pen. Pigeons. Pasta. Peas. Demi. Half-tans. Vitamin D. Blogging. Pigeons. Two-face. The Name of the Wind. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Ever." Anqid's just a second too slow. Pigeons. A junior running through our little feast on the floor and finding weird orange stuff on their shoes when they get home. A neglected pea.


That's about all I can remember." - Mayo
"HAIR." - Wawa 
Evidently, we talk about the weirdest, most unrelated things. But I must say, these Monday lunches are the best, simply because everyone is (or seems to be) really relaxed. Also, the beautiful day just made it the perfect weather to discuss absolutely anything. :D

One of the things we’ve been doing lately – well, not lately… we first did it last Thursday – is… pigeon trapping. Being St George Girls, there never seems to be a short supply of wandering pigeons. Most people at our school look upon these creatures with disdain, with some even screaming out in terror when one happens to encroach the 5 metre personal space bubble. However, we’re special. Our group of friends think it would be hilarious if we baited said pigeons into a little circle… then scare the shit out of it. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Seriously. It’s reeeeeaaaaally funny! ... You don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself! I’m serious!!

What you need to do is to:

1.     Gather a small army of friends.
2.     Find appropriate pigeon bait. Bread is pretty good, but rice, chocolate and pasta also work. (Please make sure there are no dogs around if you plan on using chocolate!)
3.     Place bait in the centre of the circle of life friends.
4.     Wait for the unsuspecting victims pigeons to enter circle, making sure you're like statues... (Y)
5.     Attack!
 NB: For best results, wait for several pigeons to fall in the trap... Happy pigeon hunting!


My silly Year 11 sport for this term is Ballroom dancing. The only thing post-worthy to have come out of this is that

a) Salsa can be used to our (female) advantage... [Shazza ;)]
b) I really want to teach a guy how to tango... the girls part. Cause I can. :D

Any volunteers...? :D


The last thing I've learnt today is that English teachers don't appreciate the word "super", even attached to the word "effective". They have no taste... :P

And with that train of thought, I'll leave you with a little song...

~"On top of spagheeeeettiiiiiiii, 
all covered in cheeeeeeese... 
I lost my poor meeeeaaatbaaall, 
when somebody sneeeeezed"~ 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Our first and last... :(

Ahh, I finally got to have a sleep in today, after literally months without a proper sleep-in. :L 

This Road Trip was the first Music Road Trip that I went on, and it will also be my last. :( At least there's still camp next year. (Y) This trip also had many firsts for me. For example, I...
  • broke my first drumstick! (Actually, it wasn't me... but still. It's broken!)
  • dropped a stick (as far as I know, it hasn't happened before...)
  • dropped a cymbal. It was LOUD.
  • felt tired at 9pm. It was insane.
  • woke up at/around 6am every morning for 4 days. Barely...
And last but not least...
  • Morbidly humiliated myself by stuffing myself (badly) with a sleeping bag. That is something I won't be doing again. :P

Another thing that I don't usually do is actually watch movies. I don't really think I'm the 'movie' type... but if I DO watch a movie, I try to pay attention, and I tend to talk a lot. You've been warned.

Naturally, when you're on a bus for several hours at a time, people tend to put on movies to watch. I think I've watched enough movies in the past week to last me a life time! I'll write up a list of all the movies we watched. In order...
  • The Incredibles
  • The Proposal
  • Tangled
  • Step Up
  • Finding Neverland (We didn't finish it! Evil bus driver... ==')
  • Coraline
  • Legally Blonde
  • Home Alone, and
  • Step Up 3, which we didn't finish either! >:(
I think I missed a few... Anyways, it was pretty intense. Everyone was quite into all the movies, and I must confess, it was pretty funny how everybody protested when the teacher/bus driver went to turn off the unfinished DVD. :L

Watching Step Up at 8 in the morning :L
Another funny thing to see was everyone passed out on the bus in the mornings... I'm sure there are many many blackmail photos floating around, just waiting to spring upon their unsuspecting victims! I bet I've got some, too - I woke up rather suddenly to see my teacher smirking at me... *sus*

7:30am on Wednesday (8/6). I lol-ed.


When we performed for the kids at the schools, most of them were clapping and enjoying themselves for most of the pieces. Strangely, though, they didn't seem to enjoy the Stage Band songs. One would think that listening to a fairly lively version of 'Let's Get Loud' (yes, the J.Lo one...) would get people up on their feet, tapping their toes, or at least smiling, but nooooooo, the kids just looked at us with an unamused look. Like this. Literally. 

Seriously?! It's fun! Why don't you like it?! Why are you just looking at us like we're aliens?! Come on! >:/
At least the teachers seemed to enjoy it... and I know for a fact that we did! :D


Omg. You'd never think it would be possible, but by Wednesday, heaps of people were craving savoury food. It actually is quite the problem when everyone brings packets of lollies and chocolate, but no-one thinks to bring chips... Well, not enough, anyways. The funny thing is that on Thursday, when we were given time to run around Dubbo and go 'shopping, we just walked around looking for somewhere that sold hot chips. We couldn't even find that, so we ended up having Subway. Strangely enough, there were literally no fast food outlets anywhere we stopped, besides Subways, which were everywhere...

Another problem that I've come across now is that I can't stop eating! Seriously!! It's horrible! I look for food, eat it, then think about what to have next... It's really weird! I don't know if it's because of the lack of nutritious food in the past week, or if I'm trying to regain my spent energy due to the excessive cold... o_O" I'm also craving... pasta. More specifically EasyMac, but no difference, any pasta would be good. ^^


Anyways, I think that's pretty much the gist of Road Trip. I'm sure we've all learnt a few valuable lessons and gained some experiences inoublieable. Fun fact: mice like junk food too. And with that, I bid you farewell!

"Come on, let me see you shake your tail feather!"~

What Happens On Tour Stays On Tour... Most of the time. ;)

Yesterday I got back from the 5 day Music Road Trip to Dubbo, and I must say, those must have been the fastest 5 days of my life! (Or maybe the second fastest... second to New Cal. :P)

So... A kinda-early start to our trip – arrive at 7:30 at school to pack the instruments into the buses. Mainly percussion. Cause we're cool like that. :D Anyhow, we finished at about 8 or so, and we left for our first stop at 8:20am.
LOL. (Taxed off Cheddar)
Our first stop for the day was Echo Point, the Three Sisters' Lookout at Katoomba. We were allowed 30 minutes to get things to eat and to check out the epic scenery. There was a candy store, so naturally our school bombarded the place. It was pretty cool, and they had some weird-ass lollies... Anyone want some Chicken Feet? Camel Balls?!
The second stop of the day was lunch at Orange. We were dropped off in the middle of a park or something, so we had to walk around for food and supplies. There was a Coles, so naturally, our school managed to buy out half of the confectionary aisle. We bought a box of Froot Loops (LOL), as well as our beautiful Trivia Night costumes at Kmart. However, we ended up  running late, and when we got to the bus, we were greeted by an angry teacher... We were never late again.
Dinner was lasagne, but it had no tomato sauce-iness! It was a little strange, but it was edible.
Our first night activity for the week was movie night. We watched Tangled. :D It was goooooood (I know you guys are happy... :L). I think we finished at about 9 or so, and I think we were all asleep by about 11:30.
Oh yeah, there was an epic pretty sunset!! Omg. It was magical... :')

Haha, I think this captures it... :3


Day 2 was a little more eventful. After a 6:15 breakfast start (OMFG *ragequit*), we left at 7:15 for Manildra Memorial Hall, 2 hours away from our cabins. Setting up for the concerts was probably the hardest and annoying things that we had to do. It was cold, the equipment was cold, and we had to do it repeatedly. -.-" Anyhow, we performed for 3 local primary schools at Manildra before leaving for Parkes Public School at 12pm. We finished everything and got back to the cabins at 5 something...
After dinner (roast chicken with stuff), we went to the Dubbo Observatory to look at the stars~ I'm sure it would have been a beautiful sight, except for the fact that it was overcast... DAMMIT. It always happens, doesn't it? :L Despite this major minor hiccup, we still managed to have a good time - there were some... 'interesting' books for sale... Heh. ;)


Wednesday was a considerably more fun day, in my opinion. I woke up late... *shifty*. Our one and only performance for the day was at Orange for Bowen and Clergate Public Schools, which was pretty fun, like all other performances. 
After a quick lunch, we left for Dubbo Western Plains Zoo. HECK YES! The three of us hired bikes, and it took us half an hour to figure out how to ride a bike properly... :L We had a great time taking photos of stuff people normally wouldn't... (pictures soon!) 2.5 hours had never flown by so quickly, and we were back at the cabins by 4:30. After dinner, we went *drumroll...*
Bowling!! YEAAAAAAH!!
I know, I hear you guys. "How could bowling be that fun?! It's so booooring!" Oh yes, it can be. But not when you've got classic music blasting out and you're in the company of the most fun bunch of people you could find! It was absolutely insane - we were pretty much dancing up the lanes! Trippy lights are also pretty good at helping people have a good time. :D After a bit of a dance off, and a round of "speed bowling" to catch up to the other groups (the lady told us that at the rate we were going, we'd finish an hour after everyone else LOL), I must say we were pretty exhausted, and I think we were asleep by 10:30.

Dancing in two rows lol. I'm not sure what we're doing here; it looks like The Nutbush. LOL

Once again, we were up and out on the buses by 7am, and today we headed out to Molong Central school for our first performance of the day. It was different to the other schools because there were some high school kids in our audience. High school guys, too... It was great - during Stage Band, some kids got up and joined our swaying, which helped break the tension and made the performance even more enjoyable and fun! :D
The next place we went to was Yeoval (lol), and they even provided lunch for us! Instead of the cheese + ham sandwich things we had been getting for the past two days, we got a hot sausage sizzle! But we only got one each. We were starving about 20 minutes after we finished eating... o___o". Anyways, we had our last performance, and I must say, I'm going to miss road trip... Even though I've only been on one! :P
Thursday night was also the Trivia night that Year 11 (us) had to organise. According to the students and teachers, it was a success and most people seemed to enjoy themselves :). We Year 11s dressed up as various Reality TV shows to fit with the theme of 'TV shows'. I was a contestant of 'The Biggest Loser' with Cheddar and Adeline as our trainer. The others were people from 'The Amazing Race', and 'Beauty and the Geek'. Creative lot, we are! :L

LOLOLOLOLOLOL, my fat was in all the wrong places... :L

We got a tiiiiiiiiiiiiny sleep in on our last day - breakfast was at 6:30! :O We still managed to get all of our stuff onto the buses by 8am, and we departed for home. We stopped for 30 minutes at Bathurst, where we, craving savoury food, bought a bag of wedges to eat on the bus. Complete with sweet chilli and sour cream. Ohhhh yeaah. :D
Lunch was at Katoomba. We found this epic cute little restaurant where they sold waffles! Mmmm... :3 

Cinnamon waffles with vanilla icecream: $3.50. Memories of Road Trip: Priceless...
LOL, the door knob was at Cheddar's knees!
From outside... It was a cute place!

That was basically it for the last day. We got back to school at 2:40 or so, and we unpacked the buses (silly percussion instruments - there are so many of them!), and I'm pretty sure we were all glad to be going home...

I know that I will be keeping the memories of road trip in my heart (and on this blog!) for many, many years to come! I'm currently looking for a charm for my Pandora bracelet... Either something music-related, or an elephant... :D

Monday, 6 June 2011

Thanks Everyone!

Ahh... I can finally write this post! (Well, not really, I need to pack for Road Trip! D:)

I might as well say it; it was my birthday on Friday! I feel kinda dumb thinking about it now, but I was not expecting anything from my friends! Now, I'm not saying that I think they're stingy bastards (which they're not, I assure you :P) but I didn't think that they actually got me something, so I was pleasantly surprised when I was handed several boxes wrapped in newspaper (as one normally would be).

Anyways, from my beautiful friends, I got several newspaper clippings, a plastic fork, a leather Pandora band and a dinosaur charm for said bracelet. I also got 1kgs of gumballs, a blue dog I named Blue, after an orange (lol), a jar of rosewater and a Kissing Bell... I'll attach a picture some day... :D

There's more for me to write, but I need to get up early tomorrow, and I'm staying up waaaaaaaaaay too late... :L

Once again, thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, everyone who contributed to any present, and everyone, just for being there and making my day extra speshool. :3

"Happy Birthday Lol Fail Cass!"

Oh yeah. The cake wasn't a lie!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Chasing pigeons ♥

Just a quick post today. I think...

I just painted my nails (on my left hand, cause I'm lazy :P), but it took me literally 30 minutes to choose a colour. Why?!?! I'm pretty sure it's not normal... o___o" Lol, one day I'm going to paint my nails the colours of the rainbow, but before that one day, I need to get the rest of the colours... It's not my fault that my mum only has nail polish in pink and red!!

While I was painting my nails, I realised that they would stay that way for a little while, and that it will look rather out of place... I'm going out for dinner tomorrow, and I don't have anything that would suit my nail polish... 

... Dammit, I was going to keep the colour a mystery, but I can't with the way I'm heading now...

Anyways, yes. I don't have anything that would suit my red nails. LOL, yes, red, I know. :L But it then I thought about it, and I'd really like a pair of red shoes. Shoes like Dorothy's. That would be freaking AWESOME. Pretty red sparkly shoes... :3 Or maybe something more like these (they're a little more practical ;). Omg. 8D

Okay, I'm done. I think...

Oh yeah, I'm getting back into taking 928738746823765 photos of the sky again... :3

7:47am, from my bedroom window ^^

4:54pm, from the study window.
Okay, I'm good now. Enjoy your week... or something. LOL. I wasn't planning on writing another post, okay?! :L


Guess what the name of my nail polish is! I've even included a picture for you, 'cause I'm that nice... :P
Peace bro. I suck at photos. LOL.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Almost legal... ;)

Well... It's my birthday soon! I don't know if I should really disclose how old I am, but I think it's a bit late now... :L

Anyhow, I... don't actually know what to write about... Let's just see how this goes.


According to my own independent studies (lol), many people have a 'To Do' list in their life. Whether it's a temporary, realistic list or a far-fetched but AWESOME bucket list, we've all got one. At the moment, I know I've got a list floating around somewhere in my mind with all the things I want to do before I die (or forget... whichever comes first :L). However, I do have a list of things that I'd like soon... :3 

(I think these are in order of difficulty to get - hardest to easiest)

Things I want... Someday.
  • Xbox 360, preferably with some FPS games. :D
  • A SLR camera. *D*
  • My L's. HECK YES.
  • Shoooesss~ Like Cheddar's ones! Ahmahgah... :3 Or something like these ones. (It seriously took me 10 minutes to find a pair I liked on Google Images... D:)
  • A nice (warm? lolwtfoxymoron) dress... you know... Okay, it's like... knitted? Wool? I don't know. But yeah... An off-shoulder dress would be nice, too... Like this one?! :D
  • And more hoodies. I can NOT stand going out in a pink hoodie! But I still do it... Cause I don't have any others!! D:<

Oh. And a social life. :P

Wooooooo, ROAD TRIP NEXT WEEK. So I don't think I'll be posting for a little while...
Bye for now~ Cass xx