Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Remember, remember, the Sixth of November

The lessons, exams, heartache and stress
All forgotten after one last test...

Okay I'm pretty sure that's not how it goes, but gold star for trying, right?

So today, (edit: a few days ago) I had my last high school exam ever! HSC Chemistry was a whole week, plus extra, after my second last exam, and that was both good and bad... Good cause I didn't have to cram/had plenty of time to study (in theory), but bad because I also had more time to procrastinate... :|
It also didn't help that my sister couldn't be bothered babysitting my Facebook account, and just gave up and gave it back to me :L

A quick recap of the month that was: The HSC exams started on the 15th of October, with the English AOS Paper on Belonging... *headdesk*. My schedule was as follows:

  • Mon 15/10 - English AOS
  • Wed 17/10 - English Modules
  • Mon 22/10 - Mathematics
  • Thu 25/10 - Music 2
  • Fri 26/10 - Ancient History
  • Tue 6/11 - Chemistry

So yeah. I don't really know how I feel about these exams... I feel that if I say something about them, it'll come back and bite me on the flank soooooooo... I'm just not going to talk about them :P However, I will say that they were kinda different to the previous exams... Well, some of them, anyway. (Cambyses FINALLY got his own question in the Persia paper :L)

But actually, i don't even know if I had put my all into these exams... which is kinda terrible. I know that these exams are actually kinda important, and considering the courses I want to do in uni, it's kinda imperative that I actually do well in them... :/ I feel that I probably could have tried quite a bit more over the course of the year, and this was made evident by the fact that my pile of notes from the year was mainly comprised of the handouts from school and tutoring, whereas my own handwritten/handtyped notes would have made like, 8% of the pile, with Maths taking up 5 of the 8 percent. ._______."

So with this in mind, I just really want an ATAR over 90. Although i need an ATAR of 95+ to get into Optom at UNSW (which is what I want to do kinda), I'd be happy with something over 90. 89.95, and I'm gonna have to cut a bitch. Less than 80, and I'd be seriously considering repeating Year 12/reconsidering my poor, poor life choices.

* * * * *
So now, on the eve of the HSC results, quite literally in the hours before they're released - I'm here finishing up the rest of this blog post. I'm really sorry that I didn't finish this earlier... I've actually had over a MONTH of holidays buuuuuuut yeah I'm a terrible person.
(I got a Tumblr! I don't think I mentioned that earlier... I actually got it like, three days before the first HSC exam HAHAHAHAHAHA)

I still stand by what I said about my expected marks/efforts earlier in the post, but I'd like to stress/gently remind others that your HSC/ATAR is not the end of the world. Even if you don't get the marks you expected, as long as you can say that you tried your best, you should be proud of what you have achieved. And even though I don't really think I can say the same for myself, I've seen how hard all of you have worked this past year (and beyond), and I truly think that you guys deserve to get the mark you have been working toward.

And hey, even if your ATAR isn't what you want, remember that in my rankings of bestest friends evar, you guys would so high up in the chart that you'd be in the negative rankings! Like, not the top 1%, you'd be the top -12%... does that even work?! :L

Best of luck for your marks, but I wish you all are happy with whatever you choose to do :)
Cass <3

* * * * *

For those of you who still read this blog, my Tumblr is, cause someone has taken >:(
I do use Tumblr regularly now, so yeah... Sorry about this blog being so inactive of late :( I will eventually finish my Average Adventures post that has been drafting for AGES, and yeah... I'll still use this blog! I promiseeeee ^_^)

* * * * *

Since I'm such a lazy ass, shoutouts to mah homegirls BOYO and SHAZZA! Boyo's 18th Birthday was a bit over two weeks ago, and Shazza's was today/yesterday... I'm still not sure of what the time is in her timezone :L
You two are two of my bestest friends (duhhhh), and one day, I'll get around to doing your own separate posts... Soon, hopefully. It'll definitely be before your next birthday, though!! :P

Friday, 28 September 2012

Goodbye for now, but not forever.

Exactly a week ago, I graduated from high school. It was the end of 13 years of school life that I had come to enjoy, dislike, regret, cherish and love. Over the years, I've heard many people complain about how much they hated school, but I never really did understand why. I thought it was weird that I liked school, because not many people around me did (especially in primary hahahaha). However, as our last term, months, weeks, days, and finally hours came to an end at school, I'm sure many of us realised how much school has really shaped everyone. We've all learned to listen, put up with others, chat discuss, but I guess the greatest lesson that I've learnt is... 
To always make the best of your situation.
Perhaps I may not have always followed that rule (I probably didn't even know I had that rule, seeing as I just made it up...), but as far as I can recall, I've always tried to make light of situations instead of getting mad or upset. School has had its fair shares of tantrums and tears, but there will always be a huge bank of memories that I can call upon to brighten any of my days.

I remember on my first day, sitting in the school hall, and (vaguely) listening to my Principal and Year Advisor speak out to the sea of young peeps like me. I do remember the whole "Your year is one-in-a-hundred years, because your school year corresponds to the year you are in!", but I also remember not actually getting that... I thought it would be one-in-a-thousand, because we had the whole millenium thing going on too! *derp*

Later, I'd meet my Peer Support leaders and the other girls in my group (which I don't remember doing), and we'd have our introductions. We made name tags, and did the whole "Put a (nice) adjective that starts with the first letter of your first name in front of your name so we know who you are!", and I remember saying that I couldn't think of anything more creative than "cute" or "cool". Like actually. My Peer Support leaders were awesome and smart, and they thought of an adjective for me! Yay! +100 points for anyone who can guess/remember it! ;D

My first friend was probably De Yi, who's grown to be an incredibly beautiful and mature girl/woman, and still a dear friend of mine. Although we haven't had classes together for a while ('cept for Maths, which we both luv 5eva!!), I have always felt comfortable striking up a conversation whenever we could. Which is always great fun when you're both rushing in opposite directions down a packed corridor. 

My second friend was Melon, who was known as Emilyn back in Year 7, and "Entertaining Emilyn" in our Peer Support group. I thought that was pretty cool, no joke. :D Anyway, as you'd know, Melon was, and still is one of my bestest-est-est-est-est friends at St G (one "-est" for every year that I've known her!)

Hahaha, one of the things I clearly remember was De Yi and I getting ridiculously lost after recess trying to find our Peer Support group. It was so bad that we couldn't even locate where we were on our handy-dandy school map!!!!! I don't even know how we did that, considering that our school is not very big at all. Then again, the Peer Support leaders chose a seemingly obscure spot to park our group - it was away from the main quads, classrooms, and yeah. No room name!! (For those who are interested/care, we were sat on the grass outside the library, which is currently not grass, and roped off in the hopes that grass will eventually grow back... which will never happen. ^_^)

That may not have been our exact path...
but it was probably pretty close!!
While De Yi and I were wandering around the school trying to find our way back, the leaders had sent out a search party to look for the two of us! We eventually made it back to the group, only to be told that they were out looking for us... I think we were gone for at least 15 minutes or something HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Eeeeeyup. That was pretty embarrassing. I can only hope this doesn't happen at uni...


Speaking of uni, today, being the 28th of September, was also the day that UAC applications closed. I spent some time today going over my choices, and all of my applications. Reading over my responses to questions like "Describe how awesome you are." and "What makes you the best leader in the history of the world?" have made me realise that leaving school is just the end of one chapter of my life. According to most people I've talked to (which isn't many), Uni is actually pretty cool, what with all the freedom of choosing your classes and stuff.

I'm still going to miss high school though. That was da bomb diggity. Especially Year 11/12 (when I got awesome ^^").

Lolololololol, who am I kidding, I'm still your "average" kid here. :P

Anyway. I don't know what to do with the rest of this post. I actually meant to post much earlier than now, but since the HSC is quickly catching up on me, I may not get the opportunity to write about them... :/

Okay, my next post shall be a very brief/skimming overview thing of all the average things I've done since August. Cool? Cool.

But you'll have to wait for that post. Let me know if there's anything I should do before the HSC/Year 12 actually ends... besides study. I know that much. :P

And hey, maybe this is a good time to relive some Year 7-ey memories... If you'd like a (nice) adjective starting with the first letter of your name, then comment! Or let me know somehow. Whatever floats your boat. This will basically be my one-word-summary of my feelings towards YOU, dear reader! ^_^
Feel free to share your Year 7 stories, too! The world can never have enough New-Year-7 stories! :D

Okay, that's enough proCrASStinating. hurrhurrhurr. Sorry about the wordy and ramble-y post, but yeah... I didn't know what else to say. :L

But basically, thank you to anyone who has ever smiled, chatted and laughed with me. Even if I didn't really get to know you all that well, if you'd still like to, I'd be more than happy to meet up with you (after slaying the monster known as the HSC). But really. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys. <3
Up and out! Cass xx

Group! And Raiyan :L
Group + company heading out for lunch/dinner lunner!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Woo, you rock, Melon!

Hehehe... XD

Sorry it's been so long! Blargh, Year 12 and what not. But hey, still alive and kicking! :L

I'm here today to acknowledge a dear friend of mine... At times we worship her and try to eat her, but she is always someone that we can all count on to call 'friend'. (Weird sentence sounds weird...)

Anywho. I've known this girl for... five years now, and I can't believe how fast it has gone! Our last days of high school are slowly but surely ticking over, and before we know it, the HSC, and life will be upon us! I guess now is the time to fully appreciate what being at high school with a real solid bunch of friends...

Happy Birthday Melon! 
Although you didn't seem too keen on being 18...
(eww, responsibility. Pssht, just a fancy word for 'boooooring'...)
it's only the beginning of a new chapter in your life.  
(how many more cliches can I fit in this message?) 
If ever you need someone to rant to, lean on or fangirl with, I'll be there. 
(maybe not ALL the fangirl feels, but hey, I'll try my best! XD) 
Don't forget that you're still young, despite whatever everypony else may tell you, and you've still got the rest of your life to do whatever you want to do. 
Keep on track, don't lose sight of your dreams, and never give up on what you love most. 
(Lolololol, I sound like your former self... :L)

Yes. Your party is coming, and all your merriments will be... dunno. I don't even know what that sentence meant. LOL. *facehoof*

Have a picture! Or two...

I'm pretty sure you like flowers, right...? Oh God, please don't tell me I'm horribly wrong...
I guess you could take these photos as... the cover of your birthday card. Which is really quite sad, but I don't have anything else as pretty :(
If you'd like, you can post these on Tumblr or something, for teh lulz. Just ask me for the files :L

Oh wait, rainbows are cool, right?

Okay. Sorry that these photos are crappy :( They were taken on my phone in the car LOL. (On the 5th of July too, if you were interested. :P)

So yeeeaaaaaaah. I'm really sorry that this is late, and sorry that it's kinda crappy and stuff... But hopefully I can write a bit more soon :)



Edit: Ooh! Have a picture I found!

I'd say it represents us, but I don't know... Maybe we switched bodies? :L
But once again, happy birthday~

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Have ALL the parties!

Hi everypony! 

"It's been a while" –––> understatement of the year.

Well, I hope y'all have been fine - I know for a fact that I haven't slept at a decent hour (ie. before 12) for the past 3 months or so... Stupid HSC >_>

But that's okay! It hasn't stopped me from having HEAPLOADS of fun (although it should have :P)

Since my last update, quite a few pretty big things have happened...

  1. Music Camp
  2. *Somepony's* birthday... and party.
  3. Cake - rainbow cake AND gifs of said cake...



Now that I've neglected to finish this post for two and a half weeks, I've figured out the best way to get you all up to speed with my life (cause that's what you're here for, right?!?!?!)
What's this "best way", you ask?
Well of course, in true HSC spirit, this update will be in one sentence dot points, like all the notes I have for my subjects yaeh.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Cass's Average Adventures! [Part 2]

Happy 50th post!! Wait. Am I congratulating myself, or you guys for still reading my blog...?

Anyway, before I get into the thick of my blog, I have only one thing to say: 
I hate busesAgain.
But before I get to that adventure, I've got one thing to share with you guys...


Yes, this is legit.

  1. Like the 7Eleven Facebook page wit yo Facebook account. Sorry to those who don't have Facebook... I don't think I can send 
  2. Go to the Free KitKat app (Aren't I nice, providing all of the links? :P)
  3. Voila! Free KitKat for you and whichever friends you feel like gifting some yummyness to :D
Oh, I guess you have to rock up to a 7Eleven, too... mebbeh. :P

Proof! Sadly, I was a bit too much of a chicken to get a
proper shot, let alone luvo in front of the store!! :P



*shiver* Today was not my first bad scarring experience with Sydney buses... However, that doesn't mean that this was any less worse... if that even made sense. See, this experience has left me grammatically traumatised!! D:

My trip mission was simple: Get from Kingsford to St Vincent's Private Hospital, Darlinghurst. All I needed to do was to catch a bus. Just one bus. How hard could it be?

When I got off that bus, I just had to walk down the road to the hospital. How hard could it be? It was to be a 450 metre, 5 minute walk.

But guess what? Somehow, I can turn the simplest of trips into a freaking one-hour long adventure. LOL. But seriously. It took me an hour after getting off the bus for to get to the hospital. ONE HOUR. INSTEAD OF 5 MINUTES. *raaaaage*

I got off a couple of stops too late, not knowing that I had missed both of the stops on Oxford Street. Luckily, my mum told me earlier that if I went past Hyde Park that I would have missed my stop... After realising that we were going past Hyde Park, I got off ASAP. Walking back to where I came from, I passed the 7Eleven mentioned in the above Adventure :D 

I decided to walk down Elizabeth Street, thinking that the hospital was actually pretty close by, and on this side of Oxford Street, but noooooo, I had no idea where I was LOL. I called my mum, who also happened to be pretty lost about it too... When I reached Wentworth Ave, she told me I was going the wrong way and for me to go back toward Elizabeth Street. After receiving further instructions, I found a city map (THANK YOU, SYDNEY CITY COUNCIL!) and finally got an idea of where I was meant to go. Besides that though, it was a lovely Sydney day to be out and about :D (but sorry, no photos ><)

Goddamn. At least I know where to go now...

For those lazy efficient and wise people, to cut a one-hour long story short, 
a) I had no idea where to get off, 
b) I had very little/no idea how to get to the hospital, 
c) I got a free KitKat! :D

Despite this minor setback, my little misadventure still had some pretty awesome parts to it :D

1. On the bus, there was a few girls sitting near me, chatting. They apparently "hadn't seen any of their friends from group these whole holidays" (which is kinda like me, now that I think about it...). Upon hearing this, I immediately assumed they were in Year 12. I think I'm correct... :P Some other things to note about her/them
  • Someone does legal, 3U maths and plays the piano for Music! Woo!
  • Someone has been "sitting on [her] ass for the past week reblogging pictures of [some handsome guy].
  • Someone has watched two seasons of Sherlock recently, and was asking if there were any more eps...
  • Someone also mentioned Doctor Who...
I'm sure there was more interesting stuff they said, but I was kinda worrying about my impending doom... :L But hey! It's nice to hear there are awesome kids out there, not too different from some of us... *coughLilianAnnieandBay* :P

2. When I was waiting at a traffic light to cross the road, I heard someone say that they actually lived in my suburb. That may not sound very exciting to you, but for someone who is used to saying that they live in the suburb next door which happens to be half a gajillion times bigger than their own, that's kinda epic. Also funnily enough, that guy didn't say "habibi" or "LEK SHUUU, ULEEEHHH". :P

3. Okay, if the other bits of news didn't get you excited, this should...

So, I saw this brony...

WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! /)^3^(\

But seriously, I saw an actual brony. Like, a 20-something year old guy, with a Pony t-shirt!! I almost died from shock. Here, I made a ragecomic just to show you, because words cannot express.

True story.
But yeah, seriously. This guy was walking and looking ahead - I literally just stopped and kinda stared at him. I'm too much of a chicken (Scoo-scoo-scootaloo~) to actually be all like "OMGAH BRONIES WOOOOOOO!" up in his grill, so I thought that if he looked at me, I'd be like "You're sah awesome! :'D", but nooooooooooo, he didn't. :( Maybe it was the fact he didn't look all too happy walking with some other non-brony man, or something else... Oh well. Now I just want a Pony shirt! Or at least something more glaringly obvious than my mood pony necklace... :/ Someday, I WILL HAVE MY PONIES. >:D


That's about all for today! Enjoy the last scraps of the holidays - there are still shows to watch (ROYAL PONY WEDDING FTW), pictures to reblog, fandoms to... fan with, homework to do, and more adventures to be had! 
Don't forget to be awesome! Cass :D

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Benny wanted me to tell you that he loves you! :P

There's basically two parts to this blog post! Stick around for the awesome-person part! I bet you're super curious to know who it is this time ;)


Hellooooooo! I have returned, only slightly more tanned and with a lovely bunch of photos and memories of the Gold Coast. Again. Hahahahaha!

This time, though, I'm not going to write several posts about it, cause that would be slightly tedious (for both you and I), and not to mention, ultimately unfinished... oops. Have some photos, though!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cass's Average Adventures! [Part 1]

I told you I'd be back soon. :P

Anyways. I realised today or yesterday or someday in the recent past that I'm going to totally miss high school. Especially Year 12. And mainly the parts where I wasn't at school... hehehe ;)

So yeah. I've decided to start a little series here, tentatively entitled:

Cass's Average Adventures!: for those who have
no inhibitions from awesomeness.

Just putting it out there right now, I'm open to any suggestions you lot may throw at me - the more ridiculous, the better the chances of me declining! I will try to do as much as I can without getting suspended from school or ending up in prison or whatever... (Y)

Okay, enough chatter, here we go!


Last Wednesday, our school and our brother school (lelz) had the annual interschool dance/disco/club/slutfest/fun time. I think that was also the day that I realised that I'm probably a lesbian... or lacking any hormones in my body. LOL. Anywho, a bunch of us had seen Ellen's Dance Dares (if you don't know what I'm on about, go Youtube it now!), and we figured that a dark, crowded dance hall would be the best place to dance behind unsuspecting victims! Yay!

I guess it doesn't help when sometimes we are the unsuspecting victims... oh memories... o____o"

Anyway. Yes, so Dance Dares! Hehehehe. If you're going to do one thing this weekend, make it a Dance Dare! The funnier/more original/strange, the better! Tell me how it went, too - I'd love to know how you went :P



One of my more outrageously ridiculously stupid adventures, Shazza and I set out (in school hours) to our local actual shopping centre to get a free Boost!

The catch? You must dress as a bunny (ears, whiskers and a tail) in order to claim a free drink.

Now, I guess you "normal" people would have immediately thought: "Hey, that's really weird, I'm not going to go look like a fool!" and then dismiss the idea of walking around a shopping centre looking like a rabbit.

However, as average as I may be, that doesn't make me normal... Quite literally, my first thoughts were:

My next thoughts were: "Wait... I don't have bunny ears, nor whiskers, and nor a tail."


No problems. I ended up buying another set anyway HAHAHAHAHA. But let's cut to the chase.
Yes. Free Boost. WIN PIGEON!
And Shmazza, you look so adorable in this photo that
I can't help but to share it EVERYWHERE. :D
Teehee. :3
On the way back to school, we kept our bunny ears on (Shazza was fully aware of the complete irony of the situation...), and halfway out of the shopping centre, we decided to count how many weird looks we were getting. We basically just counted. Literally.


So yeah! Those are my two latest adventures. Feel free to comment on how silly I look/sound, to suggest something for me to do, or whatever it is you guys think is "cool".
I'm also open to suggestions to what I should actually call this... "segment". I really couldn't think of anything else. :P

Also, just a heads up, I'm going to the Gold Coast for the Easter break! Again! LOL. Cause you know, I actually went to the Gold Coast for last year's Easter break, too. LOL.

Also, my one year anniversary of the blog is coming up in a few days! Yay! However, I'm not going to have access to a computer/interwebs on the 8th... T_____T Oh well! I promise to post again soon! 

In the meantime, stay safe, don't do drugs, and have a lovely Easter break! Love, Cass <3

Friday, 30 March 2012

Everything's negotiable!

Hi everypony! I hope you're all well ^_^ Sorry about the HUGE lack of posts (wait, how long has it been? I'm not even sure now, even though I just finished checking my stats... LOL), it's been pretty hectic at school lately. Let's start where I left off... which may or may not have been at a certain somepony's birthday... (Coincidentally, I remember when my last post was, now!)


Mid-Year Exam Period: 12th – 23rd March
Long story short, I had exams on the first 4 days of school, then nothing til the 23rd. Yay? No. Even though I had exams on only 5 out of 10 days, I went to school for 8/10. The saddest part is that I went willingly. You see kids, this is what happens when you start to care leave everything to the last minute.

tl;dr – It was lame.


POST Mid-Year Exam Period: 23rd March – nao
Basically, awesome. Kinda. ish... maybe. It's only been a week. LOL.

It's amazing though, how all the events in this week (for me anyways) can be split into precise little segments... wut.

What I'm trying to say is that some days were full of AWESOME, where as the others weren't, and that the days were specifically Awesome/not-as-awesome. I thought that was amazing. I think I'm the only one who thinks that... LOL.

So yeah. Monday was cool. Tuesday was cool/pretty awesome. Wednesday was OMFGLOLWTFBBQKINDAAWESOMEYETSCARRING. But Thursday... bleh. But hey, today's Friday, and TGIF. :D But this Friday is special... for this Friday was



As Year 12s, it was our job to run the walkathon, and to entertain/feed/leech as much money from the rest of the school to the best of our ability. Like our Year 12 friends before us, we carried on the Fortune Telling into the 2012 Walkathon, although it may have been with a little less gusto... However this year was different... it was sparkly.

... hmm, what was that? Sorry, I got distracted by the SUPER SHINY AND AWESOME JEWELLERY THAT WE SOLD AT OUR STORE TODAY. (Although if you think about it... that actually does not make sense, but hey, what fun is there in making sense? :P)

It's funny, cause at this moment, 1/3 of our customers are teachers. LOL.
Overprice the jewellery when selling to teachers? WE HAVE NO SHAME.

So yeah. We sold jewellery this year. Yay! Melon kinda made everything... but everypony did add to the fairly sizeable collection of jewellery that was sold today. 

Everything on the table is handmade!
Except for the phones, boxes, jewellery stand...
[Photo courtesy of Boyo]
I was actually surprised at how quickly our stock was sold - people kept coming back later and complaining that pieces they liked were already gone hahahahahahahaha. But that's what you get for not buying it when you saw it. :P

By the end of the day, we counted over $400 in cash to give to the school! Woo!, go us! LOL. But yeah, I must say, quite a bit of effort was put into this stall, especially from Melon, who basically made all of the jewellery... (ALL the jewellery!) So yeah.

Oh yeah, hanging out at the beach at the end = yessssssss! :D

Group photo! <3

Yeh, THUG LIFE LYF. *gangstafais*

So yeaaaaah. Thanks for the great day, everypony - I'd love to say that I can't wait til next year, but sadly no... At least we can say we raised a shitload of money, right? :P But yeah. The thanks are mainly for the AMAZING DAY. :'D

Stay tuned for more adventures, coming soon! xoxo, gossip girl Cass. ^_^

Friday, 24 February 2012


Hello everypony! How are you all going? :D 

Well, today I'd like to make a shout out to my friend, who's birthday derpday is today! Yay! :D

So here.

But really, best wishes for the next year - hopefully we'll get some work done, eh? ;) There's a lot more I can say, but I think I'll keep it for the card I will give you on Monday... :P

Happy Birthday Mayo! :D

Yes, we cut the cake before we sang Happy Birthday... :O
And yes, those candles have REAL FIRES. I didn't have to photoshop them in! :P


Now that the day is over and Mayo has her (hopefully-not-too-distracting) presents, I think I can safely describe the little shopping adventure that my friend and I had embarked on. :D

The Adventures of Shazza and Cass
It was a bright and shiny Friday morning that we set out on our little trip to the second nearest shopping centre. After a slight delay and suffering the consequences of being a Senior (*cougholdagecough*), we power-walked out to the train station to catch the train we were planning to get. On arrival, either a) we just missed the train, or b) the trains were actually early. When we realised these unfortunate facts, it felt like we got hit by a train we couldn't believe it either - it was shocking! 

Anywho, we got on the train at 9:45 or something. We got to the other end in a few minutes, and walked to the first shop: Morning Glory. Yes. Really. LOL. We were there from 9:55 to about 10:03, initially not going to buy anything, but later deciding to buy something. Handy Hint: Don't buy non-prescriptive glasses for people who wear glasses. (Y)

10:05am - Reached the shopping centre. Proceeded to Tree of Life. After looking at various possible gifts and listening to the shop assistants plan their holidays, we finally asked them if they sold birthstones, cause who doesn't want their birthstone for their birthday?! Since they didn't have any, we realised that Healing Gems were just as good, if not better than plain old birthstones, so yeah.

10:17am - We half ran down a conveniently placed escalator to our next stop: Typo. Yay, cool stuff! The only things we knew we were going buy was a pencil case, some pens, and a notebook, and so we went in there with a lovely open mind that was to remain open for a period of 10 minutes until we had to rush back to school. We picked out her pens, and browsed around the store before realising "WE HAVE NO CARD OMG."

To make up for this lack of a card, we decided to buy one. After browsing through a box of cards, we finally found the card. Or should I say "cards". Six, in fact. One for everypony in our group, cause we're thoughtful bitches like that. :D Realising that it was already 10:25, we picked out an awesome Looney Toons pencil case featuring the one and only Sylvester and Tweety... (the *two and only? wut.), and a sinister looking black notebook, we finalised our purchases at the counter. We didn't want an iPhone case or a water bottle, contrary to what the shopkeepers may have thought, but we did want a gift bag... We got that, after waiting for the shopkeeper to serve another customer. >:(

After a little more confusion ("Wait, can we keep that original bag too?" to "Oh wait, you're going to give us another BIGGER bag to put these bags in?!"), we finally made it out of Typo and were already bolting out the door to get back to the station. I don't even remember what happened on the way there, but there were a lot of stairs. Stairs out of the shopping centre, stairs up the arcade, and finally, stairs up to the station. Needless to say, under the weight of our shopping and our rush to get back to school, we were both collapsing on the stairs. Literally. Like, seriously. I'll even draw you a picture.

Yes. This is the extent of my drawing abilities.

We were running everywhere, until we hit the stairs.
After going up about 6 stairs, my legs were like "Nuh uh, no way honey."
Same with Shazza, methinks. I'm sure it was funny to see... :L
And so despite this little setback, we made it to the station on time, and with a couple of minutes to spare, which were spent panting and trying catch our breath like normal people. The train came at 10:37am, which we thought was fine since we had to get back to school before 10:45. We sat like really suss kids, and proceeded to white out all the prices of the gifts, and sort out the several bags that we had... when it hit us.

BAGCEPTION. We had the stones in a pretty little drawstring bag, which was in a paper bag, which was then placed in the smaller free Typo bag with the pens and the keyring (which in hindsight, should have been put in the pencil case). Then, we put that bag into the gift bag, along with the notebook and and pencil case, which we THEN put into the massive bag. We presented Mayo with this bag within a bag within a bag with more stuff in a bag within a bag at lunch, with our proud work of BAGCEPTION. :D

Anywho, the train. We managed to get off at the right stop without leaving anything behind, and upon realising that it was already 10:43, we half-ran, half-walked back to school. Luckily, there was only that flight of stairs out of the train platform to deal with, which we dealt with very carefully. :L

When we got back to school, no one noticed (thank god), and we actually weren't too late... despite it being almost 10:50 by the time I rocked up for roll call. Funny enough, when I was walking to roll call, I saw lots of people casually strolling along, and I was so confused I almost pulled someone up to ask them what period it was. LOL.

And yeah. Long story short, WE ARE THE SPEED SHOPPING CHAMPIONS. Someone get us some medals. :D
Of course, if you'd like to challenge us for the title of Speed Shopping Champions, I'd be glad to consider your story... >:D


Wow. Sorry about that wall of text... LOL. I wasn't expecting that to happen LOL. I can't promise it won't happen again, but if it does, I'll make sure to add something really stupid to make up for it. Like a really, really, really bad drawing. :D

And just putting it out there, it took me 30 minutes to draw each picture. LOL.

Until next time, stay calm and eat more cake! :D

Friday, 10 February 2012

It's a beautiful day!

And yet our swimming carnival was cancelled. :(

"The swimming carnival cancelled?!" I hear you exclaim. Why yes. My cohorts and I have heard this three times prior to today, so it wasn't so much of a shock to us. That's right. We've only had 2 out of 6 swimming carnivals in our whole school life. The weather gods hate us. >:(

DOESN'T MATTER. They'll see what they've done, and be all *sadfais*, and they'll let us have our athletics carnival and Walkathon in peace! Yeah! :D

So if it was cancelled, what did I do for the whole day? Well, being a lucky little Year 12, we had roll call, and then proceeded to be lost. Even the teachers weren't very helpful. But anyways, we ended up meeting in the Year 11 quad (cause even though we're not Year 11, we run this place.) and the deputy basically told us to have "private study" either at school or at home. So home I went.

To Wa Wa's home, that is. >:D

Context: Since we're in Year 12, we usually get to dress up with silly costumes at the Swimming Carnival. Despite the cancellation, a few people still brought their costumes to school - why let them go to waste? I certainly didn't...

Yes, that is a public train station.
No, we are not ashamed.
Nor are we crazy... -ier than the average person.
It wasn't just that one isolated incident that we wore these masks, either... Oh no. We were going to show the world what we jolly girls are made of, one snorkel at a time.

LOL. We definitely weren't expecting
this shop to pop up... LOL.

Anywho. After stopping at the new BEST CAKE SHOP IN THE WORLD and getting some sugar, we went to WaWa's place. And so the hilarity ensued...

To sum it up...
We like: cake, potatoes, homework... children's shows, chilli salt + grapefruit/pomelos, noughts and crosses, old newspapers, trains, unread (and still brand new) books, and The Producers! Yay!

And pigeons. Possibly in that order. *heil!*

Edit: This is for you, Wa Wa.

The idiots guide to playing Noughts and Crosses - crazy hardcore style!
  1. Get some sort of fruit. Preferrably grapefruit or pomelo, cause that's nice with the next thing.
  2. Get chilli salt! (Grind [hot] chillies into some salt. The hotter the better, and the more seeds, even more better. :D)
  3. "Evenly" distribute the salt/chilli mixture in a plate/bowl, spreading and flattening it nicely.
  4. Noughts and crosses - you know the drill.

BUT, there's a twist: do you play to win, or play to kill? Either way, good fun! :D 
[I got the pointy end of the stick - won 2 games, but died in them both. LOL.]


All in all, despite the minor setbacks of yet another cancelled Swimming Carnival, it's still possible to have a great time with (typically) swimming gear, some great friends, and a little bit of imagination... and awesome people in white vans. LOL.

Did you have an epic Swimming Carnival costume planned? What was it?, or what would it have been, if you were more bothered? Did you see us on the way home? What would you do if you saw a couple of schoolgirls "snorkeling" on a major road? I'd love to know! :D

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gong hei fat choi, mate!

So I was going to post something on Monday (Chinese New Year), but then procrastinated It's still technically Chinese New Year (seeing as it lasts for 15 days), and Australia Day was only two three days ago, okay?

And I was also going to write something to commemorate the last day of our holidays - which is actually my last day of Summer holidays ever... But yeah. LOL. Hehehe... ^^"

*a week later*

Goshdarnit, I need to stop doing that! >:(

So now Australia day was 6 days ago... but it's still Chinese New Year! :D

Now where do I begin...?

1. Chinese New Year
So Chinese New Year was on last Monday, the 23rd. Since this is Australia, there's no public holiday, unlike many Asian countries where they (apparently) have a whole week off. Anywho, our parents both took days off, and we went to celebrate the new year first with a trip to the optometrist! Yay! That was all good, even though we were in there for almost an hour LOL (he was quite a chatty fellow). After that, hung around the city for a bit, and watch le traditional Lion Dancing yay! We were at Market City (basically Chinatown) and yeah. It wasn't actually lion dancing... It was lion pole dancing jumping! HAHAHAHA!

Dat ass. LOL

Ohai dere, scroll. 8D

"I can see everything!"
(loljk I don't know what that says...)

Le competitors... We waited over half an
hour for that... after the first ones (above).

2. Australia Day
Okay, so you might have guessed it, but I'm not exactly what foreigners would think of when you say "Australian". But that doesn't mean we don't care!

Actually, the best part of Australia Day is the public holiday that comes with it... LOL.

And also free tattoos, apparently. 

We went to Officeworks the day before A.D, and they gave us a bunch of Australian Flag tattoos. Ten, to be exact. So we being the creative and bored individuals we were, my sister and I decided to put a flag on each cheek before we went to bed, with the hopes that someone (preferably a parent) would see us in the morning and freak out. :D

Of course, that didn't happen, but oh well. We did get one remark from my mum; something along the lines of "You crazy girls"... Like they say, mother knows best. :P

Unfortunately though, I didn't think to take a photo... so yeah. Sorry! You can just imagine it :D


3. The Holidays D:
It's Wednesday now, and I've had three days of school. Needless to say, the holidays are, and will always be sorely missed, but even more so as we, Year 12 2012, (continue to) embark on our epic journey towards the HSC. New timetables, new victims kids at school, new goals and new attitudes should start coming into effect soon, I guess. 

Which reminds me. The Cinnamon Challenge. Let's just say that anyone who can do it without choking/crying/swearing/dying will have my eternal respect. Which so far, is only one person. What is this?!, I hear you exclaim. Well, never fear! Here is your very own guide to The Cinnamon Challenge, by yours truly.

The Cinnamon Challenge
  1. Acquire death powder cinnamon. (Not the cinnamon sugar - that's too yummy.) 
  2. Find a spoon. A clean one, if possible.
  3. Pour cinnamon onto spoon. There should be a small hill on said spoon, otherwise you're a wuss it doesn't count.
  4. Put the spoon/cinnamon in your mouth, and take the spoon out. DON'T SWALLOW. Yet. Hold it for 10 seconds.
  5. Once your 10 seconds is up, try to swallow that shit cinnamon. 

Note: It's okay to spit it out. Seriously. I'd probably get a drink or something, too. ^^"

Congratulations! :D If you actually did this, I applaud you. No. I'd actually physically brohoof you, cause you're that awesome. (And a bit of an idiot...).

But it's okay! I've done it! I think I snorted half of the cinnamon out of my nose when I coughed... But at least it looked cool! I quote my friends:
"Cass is a dragon!" - various people
And of course we got weird looks from the Year 7s... on their very first day of high school... But one day, they'll look back on it, and think: "Just wtf really happened?!" But in their hearts, they'll know it was awesome. :D 


So there we go! I'm really, really, really sorry about this super duper irregular/infrequent blogging :(

Also, Happy Birthday Anqid! Here's your picture :D
Just look at that creepy smile! :D
I kid, I kid, you know we all love you ^3^
Hehehe. Until next time, so long, farewell! If there's ever something awesome you want to do, please do it! Then tell me about it! Are you going to do the cinnamon challenge? Make sure you record it! Or at least do it with some friends, so your suffering effort won't go to waste :P

And as always, don't forget to be awesome! AJ, out!