Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Work? In my HSC year? Nah... *procrastinates some more*

 Once again, the story of my life. Or at least for today.

Well. Here are some photos of the New Year fireworks down at Darling Harbour. We thought we had it pretty good... but we didn't see the Harbour Bridge til the morning after. LOL.

Happy New Year, from Darling Harbour

Damn light posts... D:<

Looks like flowers. :L

THIS is what happens when you don't use a tripod, kids.

Swirly fireworks! :L

(edited) This one's preeeeetty neat. :D

Psychedelic... lulz. I guess this is what it's like to be high. LOL.
The crowd...
The crowd behind us. LOL.

Yeah. :D
If anyone's wondering why their fireworks don't have the long light trails like in some of my photos, you need to make sure you have a fairly long shutter speed (2 seconds, I guess)... Mine was about 1 second, but it would've been longer if I had a tripod... *shakes fist*

So yes. Happy New Year! I hope you're all still sticking to your resolutions... :P

... Procrastination wasn't mentioned on my list, was it? >:D You guys have NO idea of how in the hay I was procrastinating... I mean really, I drew myself a pony! LOL. I can't draw for shit. Believe me. :L

So yeah. (I really need to stop repeating myself... LOLjk too bad. :P) I'll be off now! Until next time, signed:
Your faithful (*cough*) blogger,
Average Cass :D


It's been a year. I wonder if you remembered.