Monday, 20 August 2012

Woo, you rock, Melon!

Hehehe... XD

Sorry it's been so long! Blargh, Year 12 and what not. But hey, still alive and kicking! :L

I'm here today to acknowledge a dear friend of mine... At times we worship her and try to eat her, but she is always someone that we can all count on to call 'friend'. (Weird sentence sounds weird...)

Anywho. I've known this girl for... five years now, and I can't believe how fast it has gone! Our last days of high school are slowly but surely ticking over, and before we know it, the HSC, and life will be upon us! I guess now is the time to fully appreciate what being at high school with a real solid bunch of friends...

Happy Birthday Melon! 
Although you didn't seem too keen on being 18...
(eww, responsibility. Pssht, just a fancy word for 'boooooring'...)
it's only the beginning of a new chapter in your life.  
(how many more cliches can I fit in this message?) 
If ever you need someone to rant to, lean on or fangirl with, I'll be there. 
(maybe not ALL the fangirl feels, but hey, I'll try my best! XD) 
Don't forget that you're still young, despite whatever everypony else may tell you, and you've still got the rest of your life to do whatever you want to do. 
Keep on track, don't lose sight of your dreams, and never give up on what you love most. 
(Lolololol, I sound like your former self... :L)

Yes. Your party is coming, and all your merriments will be... dunno. I don't even know what that sentence meant. LOL. *facehoof*

Have a picture! Or two...

I'm pretty sure you like flowers, right...? Oh God, please don't tell me I'm horribly wrong...
I guess you could take these photos as... the cover of your birthday card. Which is really quite sad, but I don't have anything else as pretty :(
If you'd like, you can post these on Tumblr or something, for teh lulz. Just ask me for the files :L

Oh wait, rainbows are cool, right?

Okay. Sorry that these photos are crappy :( They were taken on my phone in the car LOL. (On the 5th of July too, if you were interested. :P)

So yeeeaaaaaaah. I'm really sorry that this is late, and sorry that it's kinda crappy and stuff... But hopefully I can write a bit more soon :)



Edit: Ooh! Have a picture I found!

I'd say it represents us, but I don't know... Maybe we switched bodies? :L
But once again, happy birthday~