Sunday, 24 July 2011

9 weeks to go...

... Sorry. It's just that I'm very good at procrastinating... But who isn't?! :P

Anyways... *returns to writing post 6 hours later*
Procrastinating, huh? -.-

Yeah... So I've been meaning to write something... about that Percussion Workshop I did at the Con the other day. Lots of people have been asking me "How was it?!", "What did you do?", and of course, "What did you learn?"... My answers to those questions: good, stuff, and I don't know... o_O

Seriously. When I look back at it, I can't really tell what I have learnt... If I did learn anything, it obviously didn't make a massive impact on me...

At least I can say what we did do... we did an African drumming session, a (fairly basic) tuned percussion session, and a... drumming technique session. Those were all on the first day (Thursday).

On Friday, we pretty much did the same thing as we did the previous day. However, this wasn't because the workshop holders ran out of material to teach - it was because we had to rehearse for the CONCERT! that was going to be held at 4:30. On Friday. Yeah, we stressed. A bit... Healthily. (Y)

Here's one of the videos, if you're interested. The rest are on my channel (cassandeRAWR)

My personal favourite, "La More Sigh". ^^

So yes. That was basically it.


We've been back at school for just under a week now, and most of us wish it was the holidays again... which don't come around for another 9 weeks. We also realised that we have 9 weeks (+holidays) until our (dun dun dun!)...
So yeah. Then we're screwed. It's also the last term that the Year 12s will be with us :(. But it also means that the Year 12 muck up days are coming!! :D I love seeing what they come up with, especially in the Mock Assembly, where they do skits and stuff... with some kind of general plot line in the background. Yay!

Anyways... I feel like I should add something, but I don't know what else to add...

Oh yes! Have you seen HP7 yet? I only got around to seeing it on Saturday (the 24th). The thing is, there were only a handful of people who hadn't seen the movie... You see, the movie has only been out for 1.5 weeks, and pretty much everyone has seen it. It's amazing. Anyways, if you have seen it, what did you think? Personally, it was alright, but not as spectacular as it could have been... I liked Part 1 more. :/

Edit (25/7):
 Omg. I can't believe I forgot this!!

That's right. "UNICORN-batter". LOOOOOOOL.
Drum courtesy of the Con.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below - it's not easy not knowing what your audience thinks! :P


  1. OMG! Finally someone who agrees with me about HP7b.

  2. YES! I don't know *why* I think Part 1 was better though... :/ Probably because P2... was the last one? I don't even know. :L