Wednesday, 21 December 2011

adsfudsukhgvsuhg SORRY!

Hi everyone! It's been waaaaaaay too long, hasn't it? It's not that I don't love you - it's just that I'm the laziest ass ever. It's in my name. GET IT?! LOL.

Okay. So. It's the... third day of the Christmas holidays, and what have I done?

  • Gotten one Gym badge. ONE.
  • Helped clean out/redecorate our Year 12 Study (which looks AMAZING, btw.)
  • Nothing.
Yeah. Seriously. I even said I'd write a blog post, but did I? Noooooooooo.

But here I am! I've been thinking about writing a post for the past at-least-a-month now, but yeah... *as motivated as Rarity is to get her hooves dirty*


First things first! Since my last post in... October or something?, two of my friends have had birthdays! Yay! old people! :D

First was Boyo's earlier this month. We all went over to her house, watched V for Vandetta (woo!), Bridesmaids (which was so wrong on so many levels), and Paul. One thing that you MUST do next time you watch a movie - DRINKING GAME!

Okay okay, not a real drinking game... Come on, we're underage believe it or not - I write all my posts completely sober, despite what you may think. In our drinking games, we set out specific rules. Usually along the lines of:

"Every time someone mentions 'Shadowchild', 'alien' or whenever there is a gay reference, you take a shot" of a selected drink. Soft drink, in our case. Good fun. Just make sure you have towels, a steady hand, a flat surface, and no one laughing hysterically... :L
All the stuff we gave her... She's obviously a maaaajor BRONY. *brohoof*

The other birthday of the month was Shazza's, whose birthday was actually not that long ago! LOL. She's the young one of our group, and so we were all super proud to see our widdle Shmazza grow up :'3

loljks she's threw a massive house party for 3837619 people for her birthday.

Okay no. But it almost felt like it! LOL. Wait no... not even. Okay. *zones out of sense*

But it was fun! We also got her a crapload of stuff, too! But I don't have a photo... *hinthintnudgenudge*

Moral of the story...


Okay, if you haven't already noticed the subtle references I've made throughout the post, you might think that I may or may not have just a teeny, tiny obsession with ponies. But not just any old pony - I'm talking My Little Pony. Yes, you heard/read right. Ponies.

Roll your eyes, whinny in shock, faint at the horror - whatever you're thinking, YOU WILL LOVE THE PONIES, AND THEY WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL-FLAVOURED CUPCAKES. But not the muffins. Who knows what happened to those muffins... *shiver*

Anywho. Yes, ponies. THEY'RE AWESOME. Ask any brony/pegasister in the herd what they think about MLP, and there will only be one answer:
"It's awesome. Watch it."
True story. That's how I became a brony. Mayo was the original brony of our group - she kept insisting that we watch it, and so we did. And we'll never look back on those dark, dark days of non-bronyhood. There's still one person who refuses to be converted *coughpretentioushipsterAnqidcough*, but that'll soon change... >:]

And just btw, I added 'brony' to my computer dictionary. You probably should too. :D


And that's all we have time for today! Thanks for watching, I *promise* to post again before the end of the year! :3

If I don't post before Sunday, Merry Christmas/Happy Boxing Day to all you -pretending to be- Christians... Happy Public Holidays for everypony else! :D

Sunset at 7:47PM, 17/12/11 :)


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D

    More friendly blogging to help me waste time. Love it. XD

  2. AHAHAHA HAHAHA this post is so funny :')
    OMYGOODNESS; the word verification word is "fillyter"... FILLY. LIKE LIKE the word for a young female HORSE/PONY. :O

  3. Naww, thanks everyone :)

    *will never get over the awesomeness* :D