Saturday, 31 December 2011

Toodaloo, mother... truckers.

Haha, see what I did there? :L

Anywho. It's basically the end of 2011. Well, there's no better time to say it, is there? LOL. It's the end of this year, and probably time to turn over a new leaf... Anyone have any resolutions to share? :D

I'm not much of a resolution planner... I think. I just never did it. I don't really have enough motivation/gullibility to get myself to do things. Seriously. Not good. But I guess if I write them here, I won't be the only one to know what I've not done... wut. o__o

Aaaaanyways. Here's my resolution*! 
*(may or may not be subject to change...)

  • Study. Like, for real.
  • Don't piss people off.
  • Don't kill anyone, in any way.
  • Actually stick with the things I plan to do. Like this resolution, to begin with.
  • Blog at least once a month. (I can't believe I skipped November... LOL.)
  • Hopefully not become a literal fat slob. I've heard that the average (haha) weight mass gain during the final HSC year is 2-6kgs or something. LOL.
  • Don't go batshit crazy. (Although I can already see it happening...)
and last but not least...
  • Don't forget to be awesome! :D
My sister and I, casually being awesome. :D

That applies to everyone. Yay! *brohoof* (^D^)/)


Well. I think I'm going out to see the fireworks tonight, so I'll add some photos as soon as I can. :D


Aww man. Now that it's (going to be) 2012, I'll have to get used to writing '12 instead of '11... Dammit.

Yeah. That's basically all I wanted to say. Out with the old, and in with the new - it's time to refocus our mind on what matters most, whatever that may mean. Best of luck for the new year - we're gonna SMASH it! :D

Cass xx


  1. Good luck in Year 12 and happy New Year! :')


  3. Thanks Elizabeth~ Have I ever told you how much I love your comments? ♥

  4. Nope. But thankyou! Hehehe. I shall comment on every post to come now. XD ~coughtomotivateyoutoblogmorecough~

    Or were you talking to 9b1aea26-338c-11e1-86e5-000bcdcb8a73? :P

  5. Not killing anyone is always a very good, practical new years resolution. I really hope you can follow through with that one.

    haha <3

  6. P.S. is that like, a twin? Or are you and your sister just creepily similar?

    And I mean that in the nicest way possible.


  7. LOL! Thanks Bee :)
    And no, that is my sister. She's two years younger than me. LOL. She's also obviously more photogenic than I am... Or maybe she's not as awesome as me. ;P
    Happy New Year, btw :D