Sunday, 7 August 2011

Miss me?

Sorry about the uber long period of silence... I know you're all dying for me to post something. :P

So. How have you been? Yes, I realise I probably won't get an answer, but hey! no harm done... I think. Since you asked so nicely, I'll tell you about a few things that have happened these past few days weeks that I haven't been posting. [Has it really been that long? *counts* 13 days... Oops. :3]

At school, we've been getting all of our tests and things back lately. In the past few weeks. Whatever. I'm one of those people who want their tests results back, not because I'm super confident that I'll ace the test, but more because I want to see my mark... [duh? I just realised that was super obvious. LOL.] Anyways, I think my marks actually aren't all to bad... I think they're all in the 70s - 80s. Which is not bad, but not good either. It's mostly average. LOL. Everything except for Ancient History, which I seem to be doing well at (o_O), and Extension Math, which I'm kinda failing... >_>. So yeah. We also got our subject selection forms, so that something else I need to constantly think about, for if I screw up, my life is over. Yes. /end melodrama/


On a lighter note, I've recently gotten into/addicted to this app on my iPhone - Instagram. It's a photosharing app - you take/upload photos, make them pretty with cool filters, and then post them to your profile-y thing. I think it's a bit like Twitter... except I don't have one. Lol, my friend saw my feed and thought it was Twitter. Anyways, it's a free app, and it's really good, so I suggest you get it. :D If you do, add meh! My username is 'cassanderawr'. I take photos of the sky most of the time. ^^ Here, have a picture!

Original - pretty :)

I told you so. :D


On Thursday, I had chem. We did a prac. It involved various substances... like sugar. And salt. And pencil leads. And bits of iodine. Yay! So we got gloves.

Now, what do you think a bunch of 16yo girls are going to do with said gloves? Fill them with water, of course!!

Hi. I'm Turtle, the (kinda awkward) dinosaur! Rawrr~
Yes. He survived with me for about 3 periods until he started leaking, so I had to throw him out sacrifice him gracefully before he bust his guts over me and my stuff. LOL. RIP Turtle - you are forever in my heart <3


Today, I've spent the most part of the day cleaning out several shelves in our study in order to get rid of it so it can be replaced (in time) by some other one. I think. Okay, all you need to know is that I've been going through piles and piles of stuff. 

I am such a hoarder. It's kinda weird... Anyone who knows me well enough would know that I tend to keep things. Usually for a later time. This happens a lot with food. LOL. So yeah. Being the hoarder I am, I found soooooo many things that most people probably wouldn't have. For example, I have Christmas cards (still in their envelopes and everything) from 2008. I even found one from 2006. I also found various school reports/bits of work dating from... 2005. It's kinda funny... I was kinda dumb in Year 5. LOL. Look at me now!: nothing's changed. LOL :P.

As well as food and... work... I also tend to stash away money. I think I uncovered about $100 worth of notes floating around... Hey! at least it's useful... :P

* * * * * * * * * *

One last thing: I'd just like to make a shout out to my dearest friend Lilian who was recently chosen as one of 12 state candidates for the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year!! Woohoo~! She's put a lot of effort into writing these past few years (or something like that), and it's great to see that all of her work has finally paid off. Congratulations again, and good luck for the finals! I know you'll make it with that word limit intact! :P

* * * * * * * * * *

That's it for today! Until I have something more worthy of your dwindling attention span, stay safe and enjoy life! ^^

Suggestions? Comments? Death threats? Everyone and everything is welcome! :D


  1. LOL Cass. I signed in *just* to respond on your blog rather than on Gmail.

    Let's all congratulate Lilian again! :D

  2. I hoard stuff all the time. Nothing wrong with it I think. Until maybe you start becoming like an old cat lady I guess.

    Fickle Cattle