Thursday, 2 June 2011

Chasing pigeons ♥

Just a quick post today. I think...

I just painted my nails (on my left hand, cause I'm lazy :P), but it took me literally 30 minutes to choose a colour. Why?!?! I'm pretty sure it's not normal... o___o" Lol, one day I'm going to paint my nails the colours of the rainbow, but before that one day, I need to get the rest of the colours... It's not my fault that my mum only has nail polish in pink and red!!

While I was painting my nails, I realised that they would stay that way for a little while, and that it will look rather out of place... I'm going out for dinner tomorrow, and I don't have anything that would suit my nail polish... 

... Dammit, I was going to keep the colour a mystery, but I can't with the way I'm heading now...

Anyways, yes. I don't have anything that would suit my red nails. LOL, yes, red, I know. :L But it then I thought about it, and I'd really like a pair of red shoes. Shoes like Dorothy's. That would be freaking AWESOME. Pretty red sparkly shoes... :3 Or maybe something more like these (they're a little more practical ;). Omg. 8D

Okay, I'm done. I think...

Oh yeah, I'm getting back into taking 928738746823765 photos of the sky again... :3

7:47am, from my bedroom window ^^

4:54pm, from the study window.
Okay, I'm good now. Enjoy your week... or something. LOL. I wasn't planning on writing another post, okay?! :L


Guess what the name of my nail polish is! I've even included a picture for you, 'cause I'm that nice... :P
Peace bro. I suck at photos. LOL.


  1. Dancing Red Shoes Explosion... Mcon.

    Chasing pigeons FTW! :D

  2. What a lovely view! I'm jealous ;)
    Take another picture when you see a Pokemon passing by!