Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Remember, remember, the Sixth of November

The lessons, exams, heartache and stress
All forgotten after one last test...

Okay I'm pretty sure that's not how it goes, but gold star for trying, right?

So today, (edit: a few days ago) I had my last high school exam ever! HSC Chemistry was a whole week, plus extra, after my second last exam, and that was both good and bad... Good cause I didn't have to cram/had plenty of time to study (in theory), but bad because I also had more time to procrastinate... :|
It also didn't help that my sister couldn't be bothered babysitting my Facebook account, and just gave up and gave it back to me :L

A quick recap of the month that was: The HSC exams started on the 15th of October, with the English AOS Paper on Belonging... *headdesk*. My schedule was as follows:

  • Mon 15/10 - English AOS
  • Wed 17/10 - English Modules
  • Mon 22/10 - Mathematics
  • Thu 25/10 - Music 2
  • Fri 26/10 - Ancient History
  • Tue 6/11 - Chemistry

So yeah. I don't really know how I feel about these exams... I feel that if I say something about them, it'll come back and bite me on the flank soooooooo... I'm just not going to talk about them :P However, I will say that they were kinda different to the previous exams... Well, some of them, anyway. (Cambyses FINALLY got his own question in the Persia paper :L)

But actually, i don't even know if I had put my all into these exams... which is kinda terrible. I know that these exams are actually kinda important, and considering the courses I want to do in uni, it's kinda imperative that I actually do well in them... :/ I feel that I probably could have tried quite a bit more over the course of the year, and this was made evident by the fact that my pile of notes from the year was mainly comprised of the handouts from school and tutoring, whereas my own handwritten/handtyped notes would have made like, 8% of the pile, with Maths taking up 5 of the 8 percent. ._______."

So with this in mind, I just really want an ATAR over 90. Although i need an ATAR of 95+ to get into Optom at UNSW (which is what I want to do kinda), I'd be happy with something over 90. 89.95, and I'm gonna have to cut a bitch. Less than 80, and I'd be seriously considering repeating Year 12/reconsidering my poor, poor life choices.

* * * * *
So now, on the eve of the HSC results, quite literally in the hours before they're released - I'm here finishing up the rest of this blog post. I'm really sorry that I didn't finish this earlier... I've actually had over a MONTH of holidays buuuuuuut yeah I'm a terrible person.
(I got a Tumblr! I don't think I mentioned that earlier... I actually got it like, three days before the first HSC exam HAHAHAHAHAHA)

I still stand by what I said about my expected marks/efforts earlier in the post, but I'd like to stress/gently remind others that your HSC/ATAR is not the end of the world. Even if you don't get the marks you expected, as long as you can say that you tried your best, you should be proud of what you have achieved. And even though I don't really think I can say the same for myself, I've seen how hard all of you have worked this past year (and beyond), and I truly think that you guys deserve to get the mark you have been working toward.

And hey, even if your ATAR isn't what you want, remember that in my rankings of bestest friends evar, you guys would so high up in the chart that you'd be in the negative rankings! Like, not the top 1%, you'd be the top -12%... does that even work?! :L

Best of luck for your marks, but I wish you all are happy with whatever you choose to do :)
Cass <3

* * * * *

For those of you who still read this blog, my Tumblr is, cause someone has taken >:(
I do use Tumblr regularly now, so yeah... Sorry about this blog being so inactive of late :( I will eventually finish my Average Adventures post that has been drafting for AGES, and yeah... I'll still use this blog! I promiseeeee ^_^)

* * * * *

Since I'm such a lazy ass, shoutouts to mah homegirls BOYO and SHAZZA! Boyo's 18th Birthday was a bit over two weeks ago, and Shazza's was today/yesterday... I'm still not sure of what the time is in her timezone :L
You two are two of my bestest friends (duhhhh), and one day, I'll get around to doing your own separate posts... Soon, hopefully. It'll definitely be before your next birthday, though!! :P