Monday, 20 June 2011

It's a trap!

Today I realised: Monday lunches some of the most philosophical, funniest and random conversations within our group. Seriously. You have no idea.

For example, today, after watching our youngest friend walk past us completely obliviously because we weren’t sitting at our usual spot, we talked about…
"Candle-pen. Pigeons. Pasta. Peas. Demi. Half-tans. Vitamin D. Blogging. Pigeons. Two-face. The Name of the Wind. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Ever." Anqid's just a second too slow. Pigeons. A junior running through our little feast on the floor and finding weird orange stuff on their shoes when they get home. A neglected pea.


That's about all I can remember." - Mayo
"HAIR." - Wawa 
Evidently, we talk about the weirdest, most unrelated things. But I must say, these Monday lunches are the best, simply because everyone is (or seems to be) really relaxed. Also, the beautiful day just made it the perfect weather to discuss absolutely anything. :D

One of the things we’ve been doing lately – well, not lately… we first did it last Thursday – is… pigeon trapping. Being St George Girls, there never seems to be a short supply of wandering pigeons. Most people at our school look upon these creatures with disdain, with some even screaming out in terror when one happens to encroach the 5 metre personal space bubble. However, we’re special. Our group of friends think it would be hilarious if we baited said pigeons into a little circle… then scare the shit out of it. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Seriously. It’s reeeeeaaaaally funny! ... You don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself! I’m serious!!

What you need to do is to:

1.     Gather a small army of friends.
2.     Find appropriate pigeon bait. Bread is pretty good, but rice, chocolate and pasta also work. (Please make sure there are no dogs around if you plan on using chocolate!)
3.     Place bait in the centre of the circle of life friends.
4.     Wait for the unsuspecting victims pigeons to enter circle, making sure you're like statues... (Y)
5.     Attack!
 NB: For best results, wait for several pigeons to fall in the trap... Happy pigeon hunting!


My silly Year 11 sport for this term is Ballroom dancing. The only thing post-worthy to have come out of this is that

a) Salsa can be used to our (female) advantage... [Shazza ;)]
b) I really want to teach a guy how to tango... the girls part. Cause I can. :D

Any volunteers...? :D


The last thing I've learnt today is that English teachers don't appreciate the word "super", even attached to the word "effective". They have no taste... :P

And with that train of thought, I'll leave you with a little song...

~"On top of spagheeeeettiiiiiiii, 
all covered in cheeeeeeese... 
I lost my poor meeeeaaatbaaall, 
when somebody sneeeeezed"~ 

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