Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 2

Well, I would say "This time last week...", but I'm a little behind schedule... :P (This time last week, I would have been watching a movie in bed. ^^) Anyways, last Saturday, our little tribe went to Warner Bros. Movie World!

The sign outside the actual park...

Lol. We have no faaaaace! 

We started off the day with a quick breakfast... And onto the first attraction: The Journey to the Centre of the Earth 4D Movie. It was pretty cool... The fourth dimension was made of water sprays, and this weird thing that brushed past your legs in a part of the movie. :L. Next stop was... just walking around. We walked down the main street, and we saw Bugs Bunny and the rest of the crew standing around taking photos with people.

The next thing we went on was the Bat Ride 2, another simulated movie-ride thing... It was... the same as last time, I think... I wouldn't suggest waiting hours for this one though :P.

Our first real ride was the Superman Escape. (Woo!) We thought that the line moved pretty quickly, but we started outside the gates... I nearly went mad by the end of it! (MORE crazy, okay?) After a 1.5 hour wait, we finally got to go on the ride! It was reaaaaaaaally fast. Like, ahfoaweio;jadgjofhglsdjfgj fast. :O I would suggest going on it. Even if you have to wait. Just make sure you bring someone with you so you can go insane together!

This is where we started lining up... D:

We also went on the Wild West Flume Ride (?), in which we got soaked... (ish. My hair was dripping wet!), and our last ride: the Scooby Doo Scare Coaster. We waited about one hour for both rides, and I think both were just about equal in fun-ness. The wait for the Scooby Doo Coaster was a bit more entertaining though, might I add: they showed behind-the-scenes footage of the Scooby Doo Movie! (If you haven't seen that, go watch it!)

In between all of the adrenaline rushes, we managed to see the street parade, and the Hollywood Stunt Driver show, which were cool, as always. :D

Mystery Inc.!

Lulz, Loony Toons Flash Mob!!

We also bought a couple of souvenirs... two t-shirts (mind you, they were the same :P), a necklace and BUGS BUNNY EARS!! :D 

[a photo, maybe...]

But anyways, I think Movie World is one of the better theme parks around, simply because there are lots of things to see and do! As long as you don't pick the most popular days on earth to go. :L


Now finally, the answer you've all been waiting for! *drumroll*...

There were... 989 photos!! I'll be checking through all the guesses and the winner will be announced in the next post! ^^

And yes, I realise that is an INSANE amount of photos, especially when about 900 of them were of the sky. :3

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