Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I'm back, mofos!

Yes. Yesterday we got back to our house at 11pm. I must say, we timed our trip pretty well: apparently, that was the best 5 day stretch of weather in a long time, and the day we left, it started to rain... *all hail ze godz!*

So. Our trip, very briefly:
Friday: Left the house at 4:45am. Yes. At least we got to our hotel at 5pm. (Y) Sydney is approximately 900kms away from the Gold Coast, which is the roughly the same distance to Melbourne. When we left, it was pitch black, and me being the sky-enthusiast I am, stayed up to wait for the sunrise, which was at around 5:15. By the end of the sunrise (when the sun was practically white and normal), I had taken *drumroll* 800 photos! Yeah... hoooooooly shit. 
We also went to the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour. Banana splits!

Saturday: Our first proper day was spent at... Warner Bros Movie World! Woo! After a bit of a slow start, we managed to get on (in order) The Journey to the Centre of the Earth 4D movie, the Bat Ride 2, Superman Escape, the Wild West Flume Ride and the Scooby-Doo Coaster thing... (I'm not too sure of the names, obviously :P). Anyways, it was pretty fun, despite waiting an average of 1hour per each ride. o_o Seriously. 1.5 hour wait for a 3 minute ride? Hell yeah, at Movie World during the longest weekend in living memory.

Sunday: We went to Sea World! Lol. In terms of rides and things, Sea World is lame. Mark my words. The dolphin show is a must-see, like always, and we also saw this cute sea-lion detective show (Y). Since there wasn't much to do, we went to Wet 'N Wild for half an hour or so, until it closed.

Monday: ANZAC Day. We woke up to the noise of the dawn service, drums and all. The parade went down our street, and from the balcony, we could see the police cars and people moving along... I went back to sleep. (LOL). Anyways, we drove up to Brisbane quickly, had lunch, and then drove back down to Wet 'N Wild for our last day at the Gold Coast.

Tuesday: After room service breakfast (yay!), we sent off for home. Just as a sign of our epic timing, as soon as we turned off the road of the hotel, it started raining. :L We visited the Macadamia Castle (lol), and tried dropping in to Byron Bay. After the 14 hour road trip, we finally got home. :D

Tuesday, 3:53PM - On the way home :)

Eventually, there will be more posts about each day with specifics, and pictures! :)


  1. So... was it indecent exposure or not? ;P

  2. LOL. No... unfortunately? Ahahahaha. Probably trying to keep the pedos away, that's all. Wait. Oops. :3
    Damn no strike throughs!