Friday, 15 April 2011

A (better than) Average Easter Show

So today, half my family and a bunch of friends (or something) went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show! The image of the Easter show to most is quite lame, but hey! we made do with what we had.


They seriously didn't move. It was creepy.

Things to do at the Show:
  • Get as many freebies as you possibly can! [Challenge!: How many different samples can you get?!]
  • Try out the hottest chilli in the world at The Chilli Factory! (You get a cool badge, too! :D)
  • Rides! The more extreme, the better! There's this epic tango train... I almost got epilepsy. :L
  • Showbags!!
  • Not happy, Jan.
  • Look around, and find cool stuff, like a FREAKING HELICOPTER HAT. AND LIGHTSABRES. (see picture >>>)
  • Run/silly walk everywhere! Everything's so much more fun!
  • And last but not least: be awesome. Be nice and epic in general. You'll never see these people again, so do it! :D

So highlights/lowlights/averages?

Highlight: Eating chilli, and posing for the cameras on the rides >:D ...and food samples are the best thing ever.

Average: Spending heaps of money on really pointless things... *shifty*

Lowlight: Not buying the posters I saw... D: And looking at flowers with parents... o_O

And if you can, don't forget to check out the fireworks at the end! :)

Let there be lazors!

'Cause baby you're a fiiiiiiiiirework~


  1. That's a deer in the second photo, isn't it? IT'S HEAD IS FRICKING HUGE! O_O

    Helicopter hat and lightsabres. I approve. (Y)

  2. No... Just a shaven alpaca. o_O
    Their eyes are MASSIVE. They're seriously just like marbles!

    I had to buy a whole showbag just for the hat... Cheapo Asians. *eyeroll*