Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pew pew pew!

Two words. LAZOR TAG! :D

Well, yesterday I went laser-tagging with a bunch of people from school, and my cousins + friends. It was pretty epic. There were heaps of people, and we actually had the problem of having too many people wanting to play. :O
And despite not getting first in any games, I did get second overall, beaten by my friend who had one point more. Seriously. Wtf (I'm watching you...). I think we both had +13000. :D

The last game we had... lol, "Average" by yours truly. ;)

It's just not an average post without the picture of the sky. :P

Anyways, I think I played about 8 games, and now I'm super sore. >< That just means that it was super intense yesterday, or that I'm super unfit. I'm leaning towards to latter... After the laser tag, we (family + friends not from school) went back to my cousins house, and went out ripstiking/scootering/running around/helping the noobs. (I was obviously the noob.) Anyways, somehow, I managed to break a ripstik (It was a crappy, made in China with flashing lights in the wheels one anyway...). I also still don't know how to ripstik properly TT____TT. But it's all cool, 'cause we had COLOURFUL SPARKLERS. HELL YEAH.

GREEN SPARKLER! With heaps of smoke...
All in all, it was a great day, despite all the casualties. Thanks guys!! :')

PS: Next post will most likely be after I come back from the Gold Coast! Happy Easter!


  1. I wonder how Mayo's doing with her elbow. :/

  2. YEAH, 1 POINT!! >:D nyehehe
    We need to get more kids next time. And better organisation, Boyo.