Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 1.

So, we set off for the Gold Coast at 4:45am. It was insane. I got about 2 hours or so of sleep... I'm surprised we didn't you know, die or something. o____o". Anyhoo, I did stay up until the sunrise. It was intense. :D. I'll share my favourites... You can find the rest here.


So, we stopped a couple of times. First stop: breakfast. It was okay. LOL, what else is there to say? :L

Second stop: The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour. We had completed 6/10 hours of driving! :D

Better photo coming soon, hopefully. :)

Last stop: HOTEL! Woo! We stayed at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, on the 22nd floor (out of 36). It was pretty nice... I guess. I had to share a bed with my sis. If you ever have the choice between my sis and the floor, please, please choose the floor! It's for your own good!! :P

Hotel Grand Chancellor
View from the balcony. ^^

The sunset was perfect except for one thing... Well, two.

Do you see anything? I don't. There are TWO FREAKING BUILDINGS IN THE WAY.

The Gold Coast at night :)

Guess how many photos I took that day! Prizes for the closest answer! (Answer will be posted in the post after the next. :P)