Sunday, 10 April 2011

I like Horny Mushrooms.

Well, nothing has really happened of late, so I'll talk about what I've been in to for a while now...


Groan all you want, but I'm telling you, it's good stuff. (Y) You may think it's just some stupid game with no plot and no point, but it's fun, ok? You can make friends, talk to randoms without fear of rhape, and you can kill stuff (which is probably the best part of it).

So atm, I've got a level 97 Ranger (archer), which is great progress from what I was last year... :P [On a side note, I play in Broa and my ign is cassandoorah]
Although most of the time it's just intense grinding, there's heaps of things you can do with other people:-

  • grind (ie. kill stuff for aaaaages)
  • party quests
  • chat, and
  • annoy the hell out of others. >:]

It's also pretty cool what kind of people you meet. Because Nexon is lame, we play on Global Maplestory (not KoreanMS or anything) so most of the people who play are from America *coughthat'ssoglobalcough*. BUT, you do meet some other people. For example, the other day, I was killing stuff with a random guy. We buddied each other, 'cause the grinding was intense (LOL) and yeah. A couple of months later when I was PQing, this guy was like:
"cassandoorah? remember me? I'm [insert ign]!"

So yeah. After a few minutes of chatting, it got creepy(-ish):
"You go to St George right?" [we discussed this last time, so it was cool]
"Do you know a girl called Mary Sue?" [fake names, guys]
"... Yeah?"
"Oh. Well, I used to go to school with her."

So there. You can get some weird-ass coincidences on Maple. It's a small globe after all. (hahaha globe - global, geddit?! ... kill me.)
You can also become really good friends with people too. [Yes, I'm talking about you. :3]

How can you resist these graphics?! ^_^
On a plane from Singapore! Even the durian building is there!


And don't judge me. ><

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  1. LOLOLOLOL i Luv mapling cos ima doin that right this very moment AHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHHAHAHHAHA!