Thursday, 14 April 2011

For teh lulz.

Today, I caught up (well, he started it) with an old classmate of mine from GPS. After a bit of discussion about life, driving, sunsets (!!) and some shameless advertising, he sent me a couple of blog suggestions. I don't really think there's enough substance for me to make them into individual blogs (sorry!), so I'll just post them here. :D

I'm sure some of you may recognise this... For others... hehehehe... >:]

And then once you get over the first video...: 

So yes. I liek funny/random things. I also liek mudkipz

Thanks to Peter for these videos, and for something else I might write about later... :P

Spotlight photo (pun intended):
The light from the sunset make's cool shadows... *peace signs*

PS: Level 100!!!! :D
Next stop: 120 + job advancement. *determined look*

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  1. ... What the hell WAS that? D: The horse... good gods...