Sunday, 17 April 2011


(AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LILIAN. This post is dedicated to you, okay?)

Have you ever heard of a surprise party gone right? Didn't think so. Today, my friends and I accomplished something that not very many people can proudly say they've done.

Yes. We successfully threw a surprise party for great friend Lilian. To put a long story short, it was epic.

She really did burst into tears...

So this party all started out with the usual buying-presents-for-the-birthday-girl. Then someone suggested a surprise party, so we tried it out. Luckily, our victim was gullible and easily thrown off any suspicions that may have been aroused (sorry. :P). We started planning the party about 4 weeks before the actual party, so there was plenty of time to prepare. Or so we thought...

The things we were all bringing was only properly organised the night before the party, which is insanely late for any kind of party! But in the end, it all turned out well. We had not one, but two cameras to capture the action, and the birthday girl turned up late to her own party. :P

Waiting for the birthday girl...

Lol, food.

Funny how Lilian wasn't in any of the photos...

All in all, it was a great party - good food, great company and a FANTASTIC line to remember forever:
"What the-" ––– "SURPRISE!!!"

Happy Birthday again! :D 


  1. It was an awesome day, thanks guys. :D But now I have to get rid of all the excess food and drink. XP

    LOL George Crotch Cam... :D

  2. You CHIPMUNK'D half the video?! 8D AHAHAHA!

  3. Yeah... It was a bit long... LOL.

    I need some photos... :P

  4. LOL at the video. We're awesome. ^^


    I honestly can't believe I missed this D:
    But mission accomplished! :D