Monday, 2 May 2011

Day 3

On our third day at the Gold Coast, we went to... SeaWorld! And it seemed that 3289325974956 other people had the same idea, too. D: The line to get into SeaWorld was absolutely MASSIVE. I think we waited about 40 minutes just to get in. :O

Anyway, the first thing we saw was the Imagine Dolphin Show, and like always, it failed... to disappoint! :P. 

My sister and I then went to wait to ride on the Sea Viper, which was pretty much the only real rollercoaster at SeaWorld. It's like the old school Corkscrew - it has a few loop-de-loops, and the namesake corkscrew... Pretty cool. 

There's a loop-de-loop on the right? I didn't get a very good photo ><

The other ride we went on was the Viking's Revenge Log Ride and, believe or not, both of our parents went on the ride! WOAAAAAAAAH! Maybe because we went on this when I was nine, and they concluded that it couldn't have been tooooooooo scary... right? Anyways, we bought a cool picture for us to take home! Yaaaay!

Ahahaha, I think my dad was SCARED. LOL. And my sis. :P

Since there wasn't too much left to do, we went over to Wet 'N Wild for about half an hour, until it closed at 5. Moral of the story: Theme parks get empty the later it gets, and therefore, you only have to wait a few minutes, instead of the usual few hours. :P


The winner for that lame competition I held a few days ago was... *drumroll*

Lilian!, with a guess of 999 photos. I thought you guys would've picked up on the fact I'd said I'd taken over 800 photos in the morning in one of the earlier posts... :P

Anyways, the prize is... a hug! LOL. AHAHAHAHAHA, I'm waaay to cheap to get real prizes... Maybe a better prize would be permission to glomp... You can have the whole of camp. :P


  1. That ride, was that one one where you slid down the side of the mountain at the end? I went on that when I was six, and was crazily freaked out by the aliens. ...They were aliens, right?

  2. I have NO idea about what you said, Lilian... LOL.

    WAIT. Aliens... They sold aliens at the gift shop, but I had no idea of how it related to the pirates... o____o"
    I SEE IT NOW! :O

    Haha. :P