Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 2

Well, I would say "This time last week...", but I'm a little behind schedule... :P (This time last week, I would have been watching a movie in bed. ^^) Anyways, last Saturday, our little tribe went to Warner Bros. Movie World!

The sign outside the actual park...

Lol. We have no faaaaace! 

We started off the day with a quick breakfast... And onto the first attraction: The Journey to the Centre of the Earth 4D Movie. It was pretty cool... The fourth dimension was made of water sprays, and this weird thing that brushed past your legs in a part of the movie. :L. Next stop was... just walking around. We walked down the main street, and we saw Bugs Bunny and the rest of the crew standing around taking photos with people.

The next thing we went on was the Bat Ride 2, another simulated movie-ride thing... It was... the same as last time, I think... I wouldn't suggest waiting hours for this one though :P.

Our first real ride was the Superman Escape. (Woo!) We thought that the line moved pretty quickly, but we started outside the gates... I nearly went mad by the end of it! (MORE crazy, okay?) After a 1.5 hour wait, we finally got to go on the ride! It was reaaaaaaaally fast. Like, ahfoaweio;jadgjofhglsdjfgj fast. :O I would suggest going on it. Even if you have to wait. Just make sure you bring someone with you so you can go insane together!

This is where we started lining up... D:

We also went on the Wild West Flume Ride (?), in which we got soaked... (ish. My hair was dripping wet!), and our last ride: the Scooby Doo Scare Coaster. We waited about one hour for both rides, and I think both were just about equal in fun-ness. The wait for the Scooby Doo Coaster was a bit more entertaining though, might I add: they showed behind-the-scenes footage of the Scooby Doo Movie! (If you haven't seen that, go watch it!)

In between all of the adrenaline rushes, we managed to see the street parade, and the Hollywood Stunt Driver show, which were cool, as always. :D

Mystery Inc.!

Lulz, Loony Toons Flash Mob!!

We also bought a couple of souvenirs... two t-shirts (mind you, they were the same :P), a necklace and BUGS BUNNY EARS!! :D 

[a photo, maybe...]

But anyways, I think Movie World is one of the better theme parks around, simply because there are lots of things to see and do! As long as you don't pick the most popular days on earth to go. :L


Now finally, the answer you've all been waiting for! *drumroll*...

There were... 989 photos!! I'll be checking through all the guesses and the winner will be announced in the next post! ^^

And yes, I realise that is an INSANE amount of photos, especially when about 900 of them were of the sky. :3

Friday, 29 April 2011

The other story of my life.

Just rediscovering the best parts of 2010. I finally watched this video in full. :D

Ahahahaha... Enjoy!

I'll be posting up the next instalment of my trip tomorrow, along with the answers you've all been dying for! ;)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 1.

So, we set off for the Gold Coast at 4:45am. It was insane. I got about 2 hours or so of sleep... I'm surprised we didn't you know, die or something. o____o". Anyhoo, I did stay up until the sunrise. It was intense. :D. I'll share my favourites... You can find the rest here.


So, we stopped a couple of times. First stop: breakfast. It was okay. LOL, what else is there to say? :L

Second stop: The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour. We had completed 6/10 hours of driving! :D

Better photo coming soon, hopefully. :)

Last stop: HOTEL! Woo! We stayed at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, on the 22nd floor (out of 36). It was pretty nice... I guess. I had to share a bed with my sis. If you ever have the choice between my sis and the floor, please, please choose the floor! It's for your own good!! :P

Hotel Grand Chancellor
View from the balcony. ^^

The sunset was perfect except for one thing... Well, two.

Do you see anything? I don't. There are TWO FREAKING BUILDINGS IN THE WAY.

The Gold Coast at night :)

Guess how many photos I took that day! Prizes for the closest answer! (Answer will be posted in the post after the next. :P)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I'm back, mofos!

Yes. Yesterday we got back to our house at 11pm. I must say, we timed our trip pretty well: apparently, that was the best 5 day stretch of weather in a long time, and the day we left, it started to rain... *all hail ze godz!*

So. Our trip, very briefly:
Friday: Left the house at 4:45am. Yes. At least we got to our hotel at 5pm. (Y) Sydney is approximately 900kms away from the Gold Coast, which is the roughly the same distance to Melbourne. When we left, it was pitch black, and me being the sky-enthusiast I am, stayed up to wait for the sunrise, which was at around 5:15. By the end of the sunrise (when the sun was practically white and normal), I had taken *drumroll* 800 photos! Yeah... hoooooooly shit. 
We also went to the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour. Banana splits!

Saturday: Our first proper day was spent at... Warner Bros Movie World! Woo! After a bit of a slow start, we managed to get on (in order) The Journey to the Centre of the Earth 4D movie, the Bat Ride 2, Superman Escape, the Wild West Flume Ride and the Scooby-Doo Coaster thing... (I'm not too sure of the names, obviously :P). Anyways, it was pretty fun, despite waiting an average of 1hour per each ride. o_o Seriously. 1.5 hour wait for a 3 minute ride? Hell yeah, at Movie World during the longest weekend in living memory.

Sunday: We went to Sea World! Lol. In terms of rides and things, Sea World is lame. Mark my words. The dolphin show is a must-see, like always, and we also saw this cute sea-lion detective show (Y). Since there wasn't much to do, we went to Wet 'N Wild for half an hour or so, until it closed.

Monday: ANZAC Day. We woke up to the noise of the dawn service, drums and all. The parade went down our street, and from the balcony, we could see the police cars and people moving along... I went back to sleep. (LOL). Anyways, we drove up to Brisbane quickly, had lunch, and then drove back down to Wet 'N Wild for our last day at the Gold Coast.

Tuesday: After room service breakfast (yay!), we sent off for home. Just as a sign of our epic timing, as soon as we turned off the road of the hotel, it started raining. :L We visited the Macadamia Castle (lol), and tried dropping in to Byron Bay. After the 14 hour road trip, we finally got home. :D

Tuesday, 3:53PM - On the way home :)

Eventually, there will be more posts about each day with specifics, and pictures! :)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pew pew pew!

Two words. LAZOR TAG! :D

Well, yesterday I went laser-tagging with a bunch of people from school, and my cousins + friends. It was pretty epic. There were heaps of people, and we actually had the problem of having too many people wanting to play. :O
And despite not getting first in any games, I did get second overall, beaten by my friend who had one point more. Seriously. Wtf (I'm watching you...). I think we both had +13000. :D

The last game we had... lol, "Average" by yours truly. ;)

It's just not an average post without the picture of the sky. :P

Anyways, I think I played about 8 games, and now I'm super sore. >< That just means that it was super intense yesterday, or that I'm super unfit. I'm leaning towards to latter... After the laser tag, we (family + friends not from school) went back to my cousins house, and went out ripstiking/scootering/running around/helping the noobs. (I was obviously the noob.) Anyways, somehow, I managed to break a ripstik (It was a crappy, made in China with flashing lights in the wheels one anyway...). I also still don't know how to ripstik properly TT____TT. But it's all cool, 'cause we had COLOURFUL SPARKLERS. HELL YEAH.

GREEN SPARKLER! With heaps of smoke...
All in all, it was a great day, despite all the casualties. Thanks guys!! :')

PS: Next post will most likely be after I come back from the Gold Coast! Happy Easter!

Sunday, 17 April 2011


(AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LILIAN. This post is dedicated to you, okay?)

Have you ever heard of a surprise party gone right? Didn't think so. Today, my friends and I accomplished something that not very many people can proudly say they've done.

Yes. We successfully threw a surprise party for great friend Lilian. To put a long story short, it was epic.

She really did burst into tears...

So this party all started out with the usual buying-presents-for-the-birthday-girl. Then someone suggested a surprise party, so we tried it out. Luckily, our victim was gullible and easily thrown off any suspicions that may have been aroused (sorry. :P). We started planning the party about 4 weeks before the actual party, so there was plenty of time to prepare. Or so we thought...

The things we were all bringing was only properly organised the night before the party, which is insanely late for any kind of party! But in the end, it all turned out well. We had not one, but two cameras to capture the action, and the birthday girl turned up late to her own party. :P

Waiting for the birthday girl...

Lol, food.

Funny how Lilian wasn't in any of the photos...

All in all, it was a great party - good food, great company and a FANTASTIC line to remember forever:
"What the-" ––– "SURPRISE!!!"

Happy Birthday again! :D 

Friday, 15 April 2011

A (better than) Average Easter Show

So today, half my family and a bunch of friends (or something) went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show! The image of the Easter show to most is quite lame, but hey! we made do with what we had.


They seriously didn't move. It was creepy.

Things to do at the Show:
  • Get as many freebies as you possibly can! [Challenge!: How many different samples can you get?!]
  • Try out the hottest chilli in the world at The Chilli Factory! (You get a cool badge, too! :D)
  • Rides! The more extreme, the better! There's this epic tango train... I almost got epilepsy. :L
  • Showbags!!
  • Not happy, Jan.
  • Look around, and find cool stuff, like a FREAKING HELICOPTER HAT. AND LIGHTSABRES. (see picture >>>)
  • Run/silly walk everywhere! Everything's so much more fun!
  • And last but not least: be awesome. Be nice and epic in general. You'll never see these people again, so do it! :D

So highlights/lowlights/averages?

Highlight: Eating chilli, and posing for the cameras on the rides >:D ...and food samples are the best thing ever.

Average: Spending heaps of money on really pointless things... *shifty*

Lowlight: Not buying the posters I saw... D: And looking at flowers with parents... o_O

And if you can, don't forget to check out the fireworks at the end! :)

Let there be lazors!

'Cause baby you're a fiiiiiiiiirework~

Thursday, 14 April 2011

For teh lulz.

Today, I caught up (well, he started it) with an old classmate of mine from GPS. After a bit of discussion about life, driving, sunsets (!!) and some shameless advertising, he sent me a couple of blog suggestions. I don't really think there's enough substance for me to make them into individual blogs (sorry!), so I'll just post them here. :D

I'm sure some of you may recognise this... For others... hehehehe... >:]

And then once you get over the first video...: 

So yes. I liek funny/random things. I also liek mudkipz

Thanks to Peter for these videos, and for something else I might write about later... :P

Spotlight photo (pun intended):
The light from the sunset make's cool shadows... *peace signs*

PS: Level 100!!!! :D
Next stop: 120 + job advancement. *determined look*

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Rainbow unicorns~

Now as some of you (actually, most of you) would already know, I'm rather obsessed with the sky. Especially when it's pretty. *w* I'll share a couple of my favourites:



The Jebus Tree! (29/3/11)

Today... 13/4/11
Well. I just can't resist whipping out my phone and running to a clear window when I see such epic skies! As far as I know, taking 29569457934759387 photos of the sky is the only obsession I have... (For real, guys.)

Then I had the realisation of a dream...:
"I wish I would have an awesome sky like this on my wedding."

I reckon that would be the BEST thing I could get. Besides you know, a nice guy or something. But that would make my day perfect. :')


Also, if you're reading this, and I still remember you when/if I get married, remind me for an invite. ;)


Help out a fellow friend! Leave any suggestions or comments for future posts down belooow. :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

I like Horny Mushrooms.

Well, nothing has really happened of late, so I'll talk about what I've been in to for a while now...


Groan all you want, but I'm telling you, it's good stuff. (Y) You may think it's just some stupid game with no plot and no point, but it's fun, ok? You can make friends, talk to randoms without fear of rhape, and you can kill stuff (which is probably the best part of it).

So atm, I've got a level 97 Ranger (archer), which is great progress from what I was last year... :P [On a side note, I play in Broa and my ign is cassandoorah]
Although most of the time it's just intense grinding, there's heaps of things you can do with other people:-

  • grind (ie. kill stuff for aaaaages)
  • party quests
  • chat, and
  • annoy the hell out of others. >:]

It's also pretty cool what kind of people you meet. Because Nexon is lame, we play on Global Maplestory (not KoreanMS or anything) so most of the people who play are from America *coughthat'ssoglobalcough*. BUT, you do meet some other people. For example, the other day, I was killing stuff with a random guy. We buddied each other, 'cause the grinding was intense (LOL) and yeah. A couple of months later when I was PQing, this guy was like:
"cassandoorah? remember me? I'm [insert ign]!"

So yeah. After a few minutes of chatting, it got creepy(-ish):
"You go to St George right?" [we discussed this last time, so it was cool]
"Do you know a girl called Mary Sue?" [fake names, guys]
"... Yeah?"
"Oh. Well, I used to go to school with her."

So there. You can get some weird-ass coincidences on Maple. It's a small globe after all. (hahaha globe - global, geddit?! ... kill me.)
You can also become really good friends with people too. [Yes, I'm talking about you. :3]

How can you resist these graphics?! ^_^
On a plane from Singapore! Even the durian building is there!


And don't judge me. ><

Friday, 8 April 2011

VERY Average.

My name's not really Average - it's Cassandra. You can just call me Cass. But not Cassy, 'cause that annoys the hell out of me. And you'll probably get lazy and call me Cass anyway.

I'm kinda doing this because I want to, but mainly because my friends came up with this awesome blog name. :D

Basically, I'll just tell you guys about how positively average I am. But I'm warning you: just because I'm average doesn't mean I'm normal... *crazyface*


Yesterday was our school's annual Walk-a-thon. It's a day where (typically) Years 7-11 walk from our school to Brighton le Sands, a fairly nearby beach/park place where the Year 12s open stalls and sell stuff. However, due to supposed "inclement weather", the Walk-a-thon was held in reverse, so that we walk back to school instead of to the lovely beach. This was announced (by me) at roll call the previous day. Mark my words, I said 
"I bet we're going to get to school tomorrow, and it won't rain a single drop".
Surprise surprise, it was a beautiful day. The only clouds we saw looked like a hare chasing a tortoise, and Mario.

Centre to center-bottom-right-ish: hare, tortoise and rock. (from Saske)

It'sa Mario! (from Saske)

Anyway, that's not the best part. Our Year 12 friends had a fortune telling store (yay!), so naturally, we bunch-of-year-elevens helped them out by being their first few customers... (I think.) Anywho, palm-reading!

After waiting what seemed like hours (and what probably was hours), I got my palm read. Now, if you had any inferencial (?) skills, you could probably guess what they said about me.

In short, I will live to my 60-70s, but I will have tonnes of problems in every aspect of my life. Except my health, which is one WIN for me. I'm going to have 5 major relationships, I'm very logical, although my love for people can sometimes be superficial... I'm strongly inclined to design, and science is not suited to me. (There goes my future Bachelor of Optometry...) After a bit of prompting, I got what I needed/was destined to hear:

"You have a very average hand. And an average sex life. Which is cool."


You see, this Average thing first started out as a very lame and unsupported joke. I'm 164cm tall, which is the supposed average height of females my age. Hence "average". Also, people don't notice me ("Shut up Margaret!! And Margaret's friend!". Guess which one I am.), so I think that makes me a little more average. And the fact I have black hair and brown eyes, like 95% of our school.

So there you go. It has been proven; I'm average as hell.