Friday, 30 March 2012

Everything's negotiable!

Hi everypony! I hope you're all well ^_^ Sorry about the HUGE lack of posts (wait, how long has it been? I'm not even sure now, even though I just finished checking my stats... LOL), it's been pretty hectic at school lately. Let's start where I left off... which may or may not have been at a certain somepony's birthday... (Coincidentally, I remember when my last post was, now!)


Mid-Year Exam Period: 12th – 23rd March
Long story short, I had exams on the first 4 days of school, then nothing til the 23rd. Yay? No. Even though I had exams on only 5 out of 10 days, I went to school for 8/10. The saddest part is that I went willingly. You see kids, this is what happens when you start to care leave everything to the last minute.

tl;dr – It was lame.


POST Mid-Year Exam Period: 23rd March – nao
Basically, awesome. Kinda. ish... maybe. It's only been a week. LOL.

It's amazing though, how all the events in this week (for me anyways) can be split into precise little segments... wut.

What I'm trying to say is that some days were full of AWESOME, where as the others weren't, and that the days were specifically Awesome/not-as-awesome. I thought that was amazing. I think I'm the only one who thinks that... LOL.

So yeah. Monday was cool. Tuesday was cool/pretty awesome. Wednesday was OMFGLOLWTFBBQKINDAAWESOMEYETSCARRING. But Thursday... bleh. But hey, today's Friday, and TGIF. :D But this Friday is special... for this Friday was



As Year 12s, it was our job to run the walkathon, and to entertain/feed/leech as much money from the rest of the school to the best of our ability. Like our Year 12 friends before us, we carried on the Fortune Telling into the 2012 Walkathon, although it may have been with a little less gusto... However this year was different... it was sparkly.

... hmm, what was that? Sorry, I got distracted by the SUPER SHINY AND AWESOME JEWELLERY THAT WE SOLD AT OUR STORE TODAY. (Although if you think about it... that actually does not make sense, but hey, what fun is there in making sense? :P)

It's funny, cause at this moment, 1/3 of our customers are teachers. LOL.
Overprice the jewellery when selling to teachers? WE HAVE NO SHAME.

So yeah. We sold jewellery this year. Yay! Melon kinda made everything... but everypony did add to the fairly sizeable collection of jewellery that was sold today. 

Everything on the table is handmade!
Except for the phones, boxes, jewellery stand...
[Photo courtesy of Boyo]
I was actually surprised at how quickly our stock was sold - people kept coming back later and complaining that pieces they liked were already gone hahahahahahahaha. But that's what you get for not buying it when you saw it. :P

By the end of the day, we counted over $400 in cash to give to the school! Woo!, go us! LOL. But yeah, I must say, quite a bit of effort was put into this stall, especially from Melon, who basically made all of the jewellery... (ALL the jewellery!) So yeah.

Oh yeah, hanging out at the beach at the end = yessssssss! :D

Group photo! <3

Yeh, THUG LIFE LYF. *gangstafais*

So yeaaaaah. Thanks for the great day, everypony - I'd love to say that I can't wait til next year, but sadly no... At least we can say we raised a shitload of money, right? :P But yeah. The thanks are mainly for the AMAZING DAY. :'D

Stay tuned for more adventures, coming soon! xoxo, gossip girl Cass. ^_^

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  1. Dear sweet god, all the DERP. Mostly from me, LOL. But damn, we're awesome. :D