Friday, 10 February 2012

It's a beautiful day!

And yet our swimming carnival was cancelled. :(

"The swimming carnival cancelled?!" I hear you exclaim. Why yes. My cohorts and I have heard this three times prior to today, so it wasn't so much of a shock to us. That's right. We've only had 2 out of 6 swimming carnivals in our whole school life. The weather gods hate us. >:(

DOESN'T MATTER. They'll see what they've done, and be all *sadfais*, and they'll let us have our athletics carnival and Walkathon in peace! Yeah! :D

So if it was cancelled, what did I do for the whole day? Well, being a lucky little Year 12, we had roll call, and then proceeded to be lost. Even the teachers weren't very helpful. But anyways, we ended up meeting in the Year 11 quad (cause even though we're not Year 11, we run this place.) and the deputy basically told us to have "private study" either at school or at home. So home I went.

To Wa Wa's home, that is. >:D

Context: Since we're in Year 12, we usually get to dress up with silly costumes at the Swimming Carnival. Despite the cancellation, a few people still brought their costumes to school - why let them go to waste? I certainly didn't...

Yes, that is a public train station.
No, we are not ashamed.
Nor are we crazy... -ier than the average person.
It wasn't just that one isolated incident that we wore these masks, either... Oh no. We were going to show the world what we jolly girls are made of, one snorkel at a time.

LOL. We definitely weren't expecting
this shop to pop up... LOL.

Anywho. After stopping at the new BEST CAKE SHOP IN THE WORLD and getting some sugar, we went to WaWa's place. And so the hilarity ensued...

To sum it up...
We like: cake, potatoes, homework... children's shows, chilli salt + grapefruit/pomelos, noughts and crosses, old newspapers, trains, unread (and still brand new) books, and The Producers! Yay!

And pigeons. Possibly in that order. *heil!*

Edit: This is for you, Wa Wa.

The idiots guide to playing Noughts and Crosses - crazy hardcore style!
  1. Get some sort of fruit. Preferrably grapefruit or pomelo, cause that's nice with the next thing.
  2. Get chilli salt! (Grind [hot] chillies into some salt. The hotter the better, and the more seeds, even more better. :D)
  3. "Evenly" distribute the salt/chilli mixture in a plate/bowl, spreading and flattening it nicely.
  4. Noughts and crosses - you know the drill.

BUT, there's a twist: do you play to win, or play to kill? Either way, good fun! :D 
[I got the pointy end of the stick - won 2 games, but died in them both. LOL.]


All in all, despite the minor setbacks of yet another cancelled Swimming Carnival, it's still possible to have a great time with (typically) swimming gear, some great friends, and a little bit of imagination... and awesome people in white vans. LOL.

Did you have an epic Swimming Carnival costume planned? What was it?, or what would it have been, if you were more bothered? Did you see us on the way home? What would you do if you saw a couple of schoolgirls "snorkeling" on a major road? I'd love to know! :D


  1. ... Potatoes? O_o

    You neglected to elaborate on the best parts, dear. How to play noughts and crosses in chilli salt and the fact that the guy in the van thumbs-upped our snorkels. :D C'mon, I wanna see Chilli Salt Noughts and Crosses join the glorious ranks of Pigeon Baiting and Cinnamon Challenge.

    Lovely photos! :L

  2. ... Die Potato! :P

    Sorry about that bro - I've edited it in for you. :D

    And thank you. Couldn't have gotten them without enlisting the help of a certain, convenient friend... :P

  3. My pleasure. You may also hang your hats and coats on my various joints. :P