Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gong hei fat choi, mate!

So I was going to post something on Monday (Chinese New Year), but then procrastinated It's still technically Chinese New Year (seeing as it lasts for 15 days), and Australia Day was only two three days ago, okay?

And I was also going to write something to commemorate the last day of our holidays - which is actually my last day of Summer holidays ever... But yeah. LOL. Hehehe... ^^"

*a week later*

Goshdarnit, I need to stop doing that! >:(

So now Australia day was 6 days ago... but it's still Chinese New Year! :D

Now where do I begin...?

1. Chinese New Year
So Chinese New Year was on last Monday, the 23rd. Since this is Australia, there's no public holiday, unlike many Asian countries where they (apparently) have a whole week off. Anywho, our parents both took days off, and we went to celebrate the new year first with a trip to the optometrist! Yay! That was all good, even though we were in there for almost an hour LOL (he was quite a chatty fellow). After that, hung around the city for a bit, and watch le traditional Lion Dancing yay! We were at Market City (basically Chinatown) and yeah. It wasn't actually lion dancing... It was lion pole dancing jumping! HAHAHAHA!

Dat ass. LOL

Ohai dere, scroll. 8D

"I can see everything!"
(loljk I don't know what that says...)

Le competitors... We waited over half an
hour for that... after the first ones (above).

2. Australia Day
Okay, so you might have guessed it, but I'm not exactly what foreigners would think of when you say "Australian". But that doesn't mean we don't care!

Actually, the best part of Australia Day is the public holiday that comes with it... LOL.

And also free tattoos, apparently. 

We went to Officeworks the day before A.D, and they gave us a bunch of Australian Flag tattoos. Ten, to be exact. So we being the creative and bored individuals we were, my sister and I decided to put a flag on each cheek before we went to bed, with the hopes that someone (preferably a parent) would see us in the morning and freak out. :D

Of course, that didn't happen, but oh well. We did get one remark from my mum; something along the lines of "You crazy girls"... Like they say, mother knows best. :P

Unfortunately though, I didn't think to take a photo... so yeah. Sorry! You can just imagine it :D


3. The Holidays D:
It's Wednesday now, and I've had three days of school. Needless to say, the holidays are, and will always be sorely missed, but even more so as we, Year 12 2012, (continue to) embark on our epic journey towards the HSC. New timetables, new victims kids at school, new goals and new attitudes should start coming into effect soon, I guess. 

Which reminds me. The Cinnamon Challenge. Let's just say that anyone who can do it without choking/crying/swearing/dying will have my eternal respect. Which so far, is only one person. What is this?!, I hear you exclaim. Well, never fear! Here is your very own guide to The Cinnamon Challenge, by yours truly.

The Cinnamon Challenge
  1. Acquire death powder cinnamon. (Not the cinnamon sugar - that's too yummy.) 
  2. Find a spoon. A clean one, if possible.
  3. Pour cinnamon onto spoon. There should be a small hill on said spoon, otherwise you're a wuss it doesn't count.
  4. Put the spoon/cinnamon in your mouth, and take the spoon out. DON'T SWALLOW. Yet. Hold it for 10 seconds.
  5. Once your 10 seconds is up, try to swallow that shit cinnamon. 

Note: It's okay to spit it out. Seriously. I'd probably get a drink or something, too. ^^"

Congratulations! :D If you actually did this, I applaud you. No. I'd actually physically brohoof you, cause you're that awesome. (And a bit of an idiot...).

But it's okay! I've done it! I think I snorted half of the cinnamon out of my nose when I coughed... But at least it looked cool! I quote my friends:
"Cass is a dragon!" - various people
And of course we got weird looks from the Year 7s... on their very first day of high school... But one day, they'll look back on it, and think: "Just wtf really happened?!" But in their hearts, they'll know it was awesome. :D 


So there we go! I'm really, really, really sorry about this super duper irregular/infrequent blogging :(

Also, Happy Birthday Anqid! Here's your picture :D
Just look at that creepy smile! :D
I kid, I kid, you know we all love you ^3^
Hehehe. Until next time, so long, farewell! If there's ever something awesome you want to do, please do it! Then tell me about it! Are you going to do the cinnamon challenge? Make sure you record it! Or at least do it with some friends, so your suffering effort won't go to waste :P

And as always, don't forget to be awesome! AJ, out!


  1. I'm that one person who didn't fail, aren't I? :DD

    Holy shit Angie why your eyes D8

    LOL Fun times in the last few weeks, I see.

  2. oh gawd cass i just broke a toe laughing. i'm so glad i didn't accept the C.C :S

  3. WTF why's my name 'Bam!'?!?!
    ehem sorreh, have a lovely day ><

  4. Uh Lilian... no. LOL. You kinda died... less than Rachel and I, but still died the same. :L It was actually Surahbi who did it. But seriously. It was incredible. o__o"

    Hehehe Bay, it's not too late to do the Cinnamon Challenge... you know it's not too late. :P
    And I'm really sorry about your toe... :3