Thursday, 12 April 2012

Benny wanted me to tell you that he loves you! :P

There's basically two parts to this blog post! Stick around for the awesome-person part! I bet you're super curious to know who it is this time ;)


Hellooooooo! I have returned, only slightly more tanned and with a lovely bunch of photos and memories of the Gold Coast. Again. Hahahahaha!

This time, though, I'm not going to write several posts about it, cause that would be slightly tedious (for both you and I), and not to mention, ultimately unfinished... oops. Have some photos, though!

The weather... was sah beautiful. IT WAS GLORIOUS, I SAY. :'D

My lovely little sister, being relatively normal (and sad to be wanted 
dead or alive)... And then there's me.

Hahahahaha, now I have an idea of where my craziness comes from...
Not a sunset photo... This was sunrise!! I woke up at seven. Bloody hell.
Taken at 7:11am. On a holiday morning. I still can't believe it either.

And what is an Average post without sunset photos? :P


Okay. My main reason for the post today is as a dedication to my dearest, lovely friend Ririan Lilian! Yay! We've known each other since the good ol' days of Year 7, which happens to be some... five years ago. Wut. Five years?! Damn, I almost ran out of fingers to count that! Golly gosh, that is a loooong time...

Anyways, she's been an awesome friend to be around, and the fact that she's tolerated me and my bad jokes, horrible puns, numerous pranks and those bad, bad, attempts at scaring her shows that she is just the most tolerable, easily humoured and observant girls that I know. I'd also say crazy, but that was with no influence of my own :P

So yeah. Lilian Wa-wa has been the crazy little fangirl of our group, and somehow is also the "mother", which worries me sometimes... But hey! Don't we all complain about our parents not being awesome? If Lilian were an actual mum, if I ever heard her kids complaining about how lame their mother was, I'd probably pimp slap them and make them sit through Sherlock or something.

Today was Wa-wa's party, but (I'm still really sorry!) I wasn't able to make it >< However, from the reports I've received, there were many tears shed, many laughs laughed and much cake eaten. Luckily for me, I guess, Lilian has some photos! Yay! I'm not too sure about how the rest of the day went down, but I'm sure everypony had a great time... :D Dammit, looking at the photos of the cake... Excuse me, I'm just going to go cry in a corner now. *want ;––––––––;*

Blue velvet cake, by Boyo :D

Damn, isn't that the sexiest set of collarbones you've ever set eyes on? ;)
Jewellery handmade by Melon. Still only one of a kind!

And because I couldn't go to Lilian's party, I offered her some of my allocated interwebs space! Yay! Sure it probably wouldn't sell like that >$100k piece of toast that kid from One Direction bit into, but hey, if you're still reading, I've done my job.

Okay, to finally (winter) wrap up everything:
Happy Birthday Lilian! Although 17 may seem like an ugly number after the lovely likeableness of 16 (just how many songs are there about being sixteen?!), 17 is a prime number, and so being seventeen should be the prime of your life! Geddit? Ahahahaha, I'm freaking hilarious. I hope you had a wonderful day, even though I wasn't there to make it that extra bit more awesome ;) Here's to another great year, and even though it's our last year of school, it won't be the last year of us~
Love, Cass <3

"I am a despicable human being. My family struggles under a curse of dishonour. Even my cow is dishonoured. Even MORE dishonour is heaped upon my head for not getting the Mulan reference when it was said to me. To bring balance to the world and redeem my wretchedness, Lilian is the sweetest and most gifted being in all of Equestria. An entourage of killer hawks dressed in silk and lace bonnets follow wherever she goes. And she tastes like Japanese strawberries and honey and fury. The End."


  1. Oh dear lord, Vegemite toast? Really? REALLY? That amount of money would get me a family car and a six week holiday in Europe! :P

    Aw, nice shot of the hot air balloon at sunrise. You have to be up at 4am or so to BE ON one - have to catch the rising air as it heats up from the sun and before it gets windy and all - but it makes a pretty trip and it's traditional to have breakfast and champagne after landing. :D Love your sunglasses, btw, that made me laugh. **eyeroll**


    Oh, you shoulda HEARD the number of times I had to say, "Margaret, eat your soup; I want you out of this house in five minutes. And there'll be no popcorn if you keep up that silly voice." Good grief. XD Also you missed me throwing ugg boots and a footstool at Boyo's head. :L

    1. I know right!! Apparently, it got taken down because $100k for a piece of half-eaten toast is only slightly out of hand... :L
      Thanks though... Yes, I'm proud of your macro mode skills! I'm soooo bad at aiming a camera at myself... as you'd probably already know :P

  2. Whoa, that's a super awesome photo of the sunrise and balloon!! Also, I've had red velvet cake, but never blue - and it looks delicious. Your dad is awesome, by the way.

    1. Haha, thanks... Woody? Do people actually call you that, is that an attempt at interweb anonymity? :L
      Thanks for stopping by :D