Friday, 24 February 2012


Hello everypony! How are you all going? :D 

Well, today I'd like to make a shout out to my friend, who's birthday derpday is today! Yay! :D

So here.

But really, best wishes for the next year - hopefully we'll get some work done, eh? ;) There's a lot more I can say, but I think I'll keep it for the card I will give you on Monday... :P

Happy Birthday Mayo! :D

Yes, we cut the cake before we sang Happy Birthday... :O
And yes, those candles have REAL FIRES. I didn't have to photoshop them in! :P


Now that the day is over and Mayo has her (hopefully-not-too-distracting) presents, I think I can safely describe the little shopping adventure that my friend and I had embarked on. :D

The Adventures of Shazza and Cass
It was a bright and shiny Friday morning that we set out on our little trip to the second nearest shopping centre. After a slight delay and suffering the consequences of being a Senior (*cougholdagecough*), we power-walked out to the train station to catch the train we were planning to get. On arrival, either a) we just missed the train, or b) the trains were actually early. When we realised these unfortunate facts, it felt like we got hit by a train we couldn't believe it either - it was shocking! 

Anywho, we got on the train at 9:45 or something. We got to the other end in a few minutes, and walked to the first shop: Morning Glory. Yes. Really. LOL. We were there from 9:55 to about 10:03, initially not going to buy anything, but later deciding to buy something. Handy Hint: Don't buy non-prescriptive glasses for people who wear glasses. (Y)

10:05am - Reached the shopping centre. Proceeded to Tree of Life. After looking at various possible gifts and listening to the shop assistants plan their holidays, we finally asked them if they sold birthstones, cause who doesn't want their birthstone for their birthday?! Since they didn't have any, we realised that Healing Gems were just as good, if not better than plain old birthstones, so yeah.

10:17am - We half ran down a conveniently placed escalator to our next stop: Typo. Yay, cool stuff! The only things we knew we were going buy was a pencil case, some pens, and a notebook, and so we went in there with a lovely open mind that was to remain open for a period of 10 minutes until we had to rush back to school. We picked out her pens, and browsed around the store before realising "WE HAVE NO CARD OMG."

To make up for this lack of a card, we decided to buy one. After browsing through a box of cards, we finally found the card. Or should I say "cards". Six, in fact. One for everypony in our group, cause we're thoughtful bitches like that. :D Realising that it was already 10:25, we picked out an awesome Looney Toons pencil case featuring the one and only Sylvester and Tweety... (the *two and only? wut.), and a sinister looking black notebook, we finalised our purchases at the counter. We didn't want an iPhone case or a water bottle, contrary to what the shopkeepers may have thought, but we did want a gift bag... We got that, after waiting for the shopkeeper to serve another customer. >:(

After a little more confusion ("Wait, can we keep that original bag too?" to "Oh wait, you're going to give us another BIGGER bag to put these bags in?!"), we finally made it out of Typo and were already bolting out the door to get back to the station. I don't even remember what happened on the way there, but there were a lot of stairs. Stairs out of the shopping centre, stairs up the arcade, and finally, stairs up to the station. Needless to say, under the weight of our shopping and our rush to get back to school, we were both collapsing on the stairs. Literally. Like, seriously. I'll even draw you a picture.

Yes. This is the extent of my drawing abilities.

We were running everywhere, until we hit the stairs.
After going up about 6 stairs, my legs were like "Nuh uh, no way honey."
Same with Shazza, methinks. I'm sure it was funny to see... :L
And so despite this little setback, we made it to the station on time, and with a couple of minutes to spare, which were spent panting and trying catch our breath like normal people. The train came at 10:37am, which we thought was fine since we had to get back to school before 10:45. We sat like really suss kids, and proceeded to white out all the prices of the gifts, and sort out the several bags that we had... when it hit us.

BAGCEPTION. We had the stones in a pretty little drawstring bag, which was in a paper bag, which was then placed in the smaller free Typo bag with the pens and the keyring (which in hindsight, should have been put in the pencil case). Then, we put that bag into the gift bag, along with the notebook and and pencil case, which we THEN put into the massive bag. We presented Mayo with this bag within a bag within a bag with more stuff in a bag within a bag at lunch, with our proud work of BAGCEPTION. :D

Anywho, the train. We managed to get off at the right stop without leaving anything behind, and upon realising that it was already 10:43, we half-ran, half-walked back to school. Luckily, there was only that flight of stairs out of the train platform to deal with, which we dealt with very carefully. :L

When we got back to school, no one noticed (thank god), and we actually weren't too late... despite it being almost 10:50 by the time I rocked up for roll call. Funny enough, when I was walking to roll call, I saw lots of people casually strolling along, and I was so confused I almost pulled someone up to ask them what period it was. LOL.

And yeah. Long story short, WE ARE THE SPEED SHOPPING CHAMPIONS. Someone get us some medals. :D
Of course, if you'd like to challenge us for the title of Speed Shopping Champions, I'd be glad to consider your story... >:D


Wow. Sorry about that wall of text... LOL. I wasn't expecting that to happen LOL. I can't promise it won't happen again, but if it does, I'll make sure to add something really stupid to make up for it. Like a really, really, really bad drawing. :D

And just putting it out there, it took me 30 minutes to draw each picture. LOL.

Until next time, stay calm and eat more cake! :D


  1. Best. Post.


    Can't stop bloody laughing at the drawings!!

    PS. Look at how I'm mothering everyone-


    the candles. o_____o

  2. AHAHAHAHA Oh my goodness, this post was so amusing. :'D

  3. Amazing, as usual~
    Just sitting here casually laughing hysterically to myself.
    No, I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested.

  4. Hahaha, thanks everypony! XD

    If you guys really want, I'm sure we could take you all on another trip like that... Right Shazza?

    LOLjk take yourselves!! But if you do, film it for us to see! :D

  5. Okay, so I totally laughed at 'Bagception.' Genius.
    This is seriously the funniest blog post I've ever read. :-)

    1. Thanks Kate :D
      Hehehe, I hope to make more like this one, in that case. XD