Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cass's Average Adventures! [Part 1]

I told you I'd be back soon. :P

Anyways. I realised today or yesterday or someday in the recent past that I'm going to totally miss high school. Especially Year 12. And mainly the parts where I wasn't at school... hehehe ;)

So yeah. I've decided to start a little series here, tentatively entitled:

Cass's Average Adventures!: for those who have
no inhibitions from awesomeness.

Just putting it out there right now, I'm open to any suggestions you lot may throw at me - the more ridiculous, the better the chances of me declining! I will try to do as much as I can without getting suspended from school or ending up in prison or whatever... (Y)

Okay, enough chatter, here we go!


Last Wednesday, our school and our brother school (lelz) had the annual interschool dance/disco/club/slutfest/fun time. I think that was also the day that I realised that I'm probably a lesbian... or lacking any hormones in my body. LOL. Anywho, a bunch of us had seen Ellen's Dance Dares (if you don't know what I'm on about, go Youtube it now!), and we figured that a dark, crowded dance hall would be the best place to dance behind unsuspecting victims! Yay!

I guess it doesn't help when sometimes we are the unsuspecting victims... oh memories... o____o"

Anyway. Yes, so Dance Dares! Hehehehe. If you're going to do one thing this weekend, make it a Dance Dare! The funnier/more original/strange, the better! Tell me how it went, too - I'd love to know how you went :P



One of my more outrageously ridiculously stupid adventures, Shazza and I set out (in school hours) to our local actual shopping centre to get a free Boost!

The catch? You must dress as a bunny (ears, whiskers and a tail) in order to claim a free drink.

Now, I guess you "normal" people would have immediately thought: "Hey, that's really weird, I'm not going to go look like a fool!" and then dismiss the idea of walking around a shopping centre looking like a rabbit.

However, as average as I may be, that doesn't make me normal... Quite literally, my first thoughts were:

My next thoughts were: "Wait... I don't have bunny ears, nor whiskers, and nor a tail."


No problems. I ended up buying another set anyway HAHAHAHAHA. But let's cut to the chase.
Yes. Free Boost. WIN PIGEON!
And Shmazza, you look so adorable in this photo that
I can't help but to share it EVERYWHERE. :D
Teehee. :3
On the way back to school, we kept our bunny ears on (Shazza was fully aware of the complete irony of the situation...), and halfway out of the shopping centre, we decided to count how many weird looks we were getting. We basically just counted. Literally.


So yeah! Those are my two latest adventures. Feel free to comment on how silly I look/sound, to suggest something for me to do, or whatever it is you guys think is "cool".
I'm also open to suggestions to what I should actually call this... "segment". I really couldn't think of anything else. :P

Also, just a heads up, I'm going to the Gold Coast for the Easter break! Again! LOL. Cause you know, I actually went to the Gold Coast for last year's Easter break, too. LOL.

Also, my one year anniversary of the blog is coming up in a few days! Yay! However, I'm not going to have access to a computer/interwebs on the 8th... T_____T Oh well! I promise to post again soon! 

In the meantime, stay safe, don't do drugs, and have a lovely Easter break! Love, Cass <3

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  1. AWWWW...

    Work it, you cute widdle bunnies! :P

    Just make sure you're back in time for my birthday! :D