Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fun fun fun fun...

I've decided that one post about camp just isn't enough. :D

So now that we're all settled back into school (somewhat), we can now reminisce about our great times at camp. Some of the things that camp has left me with are some great memories, unrecognised bruises, a cold (lol), a massive ulcer, and a yet-to-be-unpacked suitcase. That suitcase will probably stay that way though, since I'll have to start packing for Road Trip some day soon...


Today, my friend (and cabin-mate) spent our free period together. I love free periods, mainly because they are possbily the MOST fun way to spend 40 minutes of one's life. We discussed her Froot Loop addiction (oops...), the skeleton in one of the windows near the Year 7 quad, and rainbow possums shitting said Froot Loops. LOL. Let me explain...

At camp, our great friend Saske came over. We had Froot Loops. Enough said.

Well, for those who weren't there, I'll elaborate. We offered her Froot Loops. She went high. And quite frankly, Saske high is possibly one of the scariest things someone could see in their life. It was insane. Luckily, I have a video of ten minutes of this high-ness. :D
(Don't poke the bear... >:D)

Anyways, after she kinda stormed out from our cabin. I decided to follow her and try to get her to come back, so I threw Froot Loops at her. :D Needless to say, many people asked "Why are there Froot Loops all over the floor...?" The possum bit was because someone came  into our cabin to tell us they were trying to take photos of a possum that climbed up a tree near our cabin because it was cute. o___o"

Don't you just love camp? :D


Of course, Froot Loops aren't the only thing that make people go high. I must admit, I did go high later that night... on RedBull and V. It was EPIC. I swear. If we had a video camera, who knows what that thing could've filmed... ;D. About 5 of us stayed up being super high on drinks/sugar/each other, and one other completely crashed and was passed out on the floor until we tried to pick her up by the limbs... I don't remember too much of what happened, but from various accounts, I've managed to piece together that:

  1. We were high.
  2. Someone insisted on feeding everyone else M&Ms... while doing tumbleturns.
  3. STACKS were ON.
  4. Cheddar is very ticklish... >:], and finally
  5. We'd love to see each other drunk. 8D

There are many more other things that I'm sure many of us loved about camp. Whether it was challenging ourself to do the activities planned out (with enthusiasm!), or spending time with our best friends singing songs/dancing/eating, I really do wish we had one last camp so we can do it all again. :')

... Sweetcheeks. :3

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