Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hap-hap-happy birthday~

I started writing a post last night, but I got massively distracted by various things, so I haven't finished it... Instead, I'd just like to dedicate this post to Peter (the guy that suggested some other stuff earlier in the year). It's his birthday today, so if you somehow happen to know/see him, go punch him or something. :D (Dw, I won't punch you toooo hard... <3 :L)

Anyways yes, best of luck for everything, don't fail the HSC, and... yeah. OMG. I had other stuff to say, but I forgot... LOL.
Oh yeah, (!!! :D)
"I love the way you smile when you sleep."
Hahahahahahahaha! (This elephant didn't forget after all :L)

That's just me being a creepy (underage) stalker pedo friend. :3 *pedoface*

The extent of my drawing abilities... :P

So yes. I hope you have/had a great birthday, and all the best for the year to come :D

Cass xx

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