Monday, 23 May 2011

Suuunshine, lollipops and, rainb- *POW!*

Heh. Hehehe... The title of this blog is dedicated to my bunch of friends at school... It's amazing what you can do to someone's lunch. ;D

~~~ This will be a very average post. You have been warned. ~~~

Today at lunch, our Year 12 friends walked up to us, left a packet of M&Ms and jelly babies, and walked off. Being the starving teenagers we are, whoever was there just grabbed handfuls of lollies and stuffed them in our mouths. Except for one friend. She was already eating her lunch, so I poured some jelly babies into her food... Hey! she let me! Anyways... ("Eating babies, yeah that's the life for me! They taste taste real fine, they're great with wine; they feed my family three...")

... Wait, what?! Well. I went away to do some stuff *coughwormfarmlolcough*, and when I came back, I found my friends trying to get that friend to eat her rainbow-contaminated lunch... It looks disgusting quite frankly, but apparently it was quite nice to some...

Taxed from Annie. Click for animation :D

Anyways, when I was eating some babies later in the day, I thought about how I was eating them... I would just shove one in my mouth, and then chew it nonchalantly. Now, I remember the times when I didn't chew lollies into liquid... What happened?! I think, to me, it depends on the type of lolly I'm eating... Hard lollies (rock candy ftw) that aren't meant to be chewed don't get chewed, and if I remind myself not to, I can make a snake last veeery long, if you get what I mean ;)... loljk. But in all seriousness, I'm curious to know how most people eat things. It's pretty weird, now that I think about it... :L


In other news, my Linkin Park t-shirts have arrived!!! Weeeeeee~~ :D
To everyone who's getting one: Can we pretty please all wear them next mufti day? :D :D :D That would be SO COOL. Like, awesome beyond belief. 8D


I think that's enough of me for now... On to you! What do you think about eating rainbow-y food? How do you eat lollies? Do you think I'm absolutely insane? (In Soviet Russia, I think you're crazy!)

Comments and suggestions are welcome! I'll pay you if you comment! But not with money though... That would be stupid.

Oh yah. Dum -- dum -- dum dum dum -- dum dum dum! That is all. :D


  1. It's not a point of THINKING you're absolutely insane, but more that you ARE absolutely insane. Just saying :D
    And as for how I eat rainbow food, I don't. I look at it cause it's pretty 8D And then I forget about it and eat it like I would eat anything.
    Oh no... Soviet Russia >< Don't let Mel or Amy or Lara see that...
    This is a long comment. I am bored. I should be doing maths. But I'm too tired. AND I HAVE BEEN REDING EACH OF YOUR BLOGS :D Just saying...
    Ok Imma do maths now.

  2. LOL! Yay, Saske! :D
    You don't eat rainbow food? WHAT ABOUT FROOT LOOPS, HUH?! LOL.

    Anyways, good girl. I should do some work... *procrastinates* :)

  3. In Soviet Russia, Insanity thinks to you

  4. Yes... Lilian says:

    "WE HAVE TO DO THE M&M STEW AGAIN... soon... to someone... >D"

    Because I'm too lazy to paraphrase something as good as that. :P