Thursday, 19 May 2011

The end is nigh!

Well... Let's just say that I'm lucky to be alive... Year 11 reports were given to us on Tuesday.

For those who know me, you'd know that I'm quite relaxed about school... And for those who don't, I'll tell you now that I'm probably not the best student/influence out there... not even close, actually. :L. 

I know it's already Year 11 and the HSC is only 1.5 years away, but Year 11 still doesn't count. Mr Reis said so himself. However, just because the preliminary course doesn't affect our HSC marks, it's still a good idea to be working hard... *coughcough*.


To me, I thought my report was slightly better than I'd expected. This could be good because that means I'm actually doing kinda alright at school, but that could just mean that I have low expectations of myself... Very low. I'm also a bit of an optimist, so it's all cool.

My reports were... you guessed it - rather average. Out of my 6 subjects, I got one Band 6, two 5's, two 4's and one Band 3... -.- Sure they aren't the best (in fact, they're pretty horrible), but I really think that my end of year reports will be much better, because I'll know what to expect. :D That doesn't necessarily mean I'll actually do any better... but hey! it's the thought that counts. :P

This, however, raises the problem of which subject I should be dropping next year... My original plans was to drop Music (it is so damn stressful!!), and to keep all my other subjects - 11 units all up. BUT... I'm failing Chemistry according to my report. I'd probably agree, but we've only had one assessment task, so I still don't really know how I'm doing... o___o"


Anyways, enough about me. I hope this post kinda clears up any misconceptions you may have had about me being a good student (LOL!), or that not working gives you good marks, 'cause it doesn't. Although this year is just our prelims, I think we should all be trying to do our best now, because if we leave it till Year 12 to do well, it'll just be too late. :|

In saying that though, please, PLEASE don't stress too hard and kill yourself if you do badly in a test! (This applies to ANYONE). The world is not going to end. Unless you intentionally screw yourself over. That's just your fault. :)

Until next time, happy studying! Cass xx


  1. Well said, Cass Man. ^^ Where was the Band 6, out of curio?

  2. Haha, thanks... I don't think half of it made sense... :P

    I got a 6 for music ^^. Aced it, in fact. :D Ms Oyston is just too nice...

  3. I failed my report, in my opinion. The marks were okay, but the comments basically said "FAIL."

  4. Ha this made me laugh, its nice to finally find a teenage blogger .. if you want you can follow my blog on i don't have many followers yet and it'd be nice to get a few more :) Thank you!

  5. Haha, thanks~

    Nice blog btw *follows* :)
    Just... the grammar irks me a little... :P