Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hap-hap-happy birthday~

I started writing a post last night, but I got massively distracted by various things, so I haven't finished it... Instead, I'd just like to dedicate this post to Peter (the guy that suggested some other stuff earlier in the year). It's his birthday today, so if you somehow happen to know/see him, go punch him or something. :D (Dw, I won't punch you toooo hard... <3 :L)

Anyways yes, best of luck for everything, don't fail the HSC, and... yeah. OMG. I had other stuff to say, but I forgot... LOL.
Oh yeah, (!!! :D)
"I love the way you smile when you sleep."
Hahahahahahahaha! (This elephant didn't forget after all :L)

That's just me being a creepy (underage) stalker pedo friend. :3 *pedoface*

The extent of my drawing abilities... :P

So yes. I hope you have/had a great birthday, and all the best for the year to come :D

Cass xx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Suuunshine, lollipops and, rainb- *POW!*

Heh. Hehehe... The title of this blog is dedicated to my bunch of friends at school... It's amazing what you can do to someone's lunch. ;D

~~~ This will be a very average post. You have been warned. ~~~

Today at lunch, our Year 12 friends walked up to us, left a packet of M&Ms and jelly babies, and walked off. Being the starving teenagers we are, whoever was there just grabbed handfuls of lollies and stuffed them in our mouths. Except for one friend. She was already eating her lunch, so I poured some jelly babies into her food... Hey! she let me! Anyways... ("Eating babies, yeah that's the life for me! They taste taste real fine, they're great with wine; they feed my family three...")

... Wait, what?! Well. I went away to do some stuff *coughwormfarmlolcough*, and when I came back, I found my friends trying to get that friend to eat her rainbow-contaminated lunch... It looks disgusting quite frankly, but apparently it was quite nice to some...

Taxed from Annie. Click for animation :D

Anyways, when I was eating some babies later in the day, I thought about how I was eating them... I would just shove one in my mouth, and then chew it nonchalantly. Now, I remember the times when I didn't chew lollies into liquid... What happened?! I think, to me, it depends on the type of lolly I'm eating... Hard lollies (rock candy ftw) that aren't meant to be chewed don't get chewed, and if I remind myself not to, I can make a snake last veeery long, if you get what I mean ;)... loljk. But in all seriousness, I'm curious to know how most people eat things. It's pretty weird, now that I think about it... :L


In other news, my Linkin Park t-shirts have arrived!!! Weeeeeee~~ :D
To everyone who's getting one: Can we pretty please all wear them next mufti day? :D :D :D That would be SO COOL. Like, awesome beyond belief. 8D


I think that's enough of me for now... On to you! What do you think about eating rainbow-y food? How do you eat lollies? Do you think I'm absolutely insane? (In Soviet Russia, I think you're crazy!)

Comments and suggestions are welcome! I'll pay you if you comment! But not with money though... That would be stupid.

Oh yah. Dum -- dum -- dum dum dum -- dum dum dum! That is all. :D

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The end is nigh!

Well... Let's just say that I'm lucky to be alive... Year 11 reports were given to us on Tuesday.

For those who know me, you'd know that I'm quite relaxed about school... And for those who don't, I'll tell you now that I'm probably not the best student/influence out there... not even close, actually. :L. 

I know it's already Year 11 and the HSC is only 1.5 years away, but Year 11 still doesn't count. Mr Reis said so himself. However, just because the preliminary course doesn't affect our HSC marks, it's still a good idea to be working hard... *coughcough*.


To me, I thought my report was slightly better than I'd expected. This could be good because that means I'm actually doing kinda alright at school, but that could just mean that I have low expectations of myself... Very low. I'm also a bit of an optimist, so it's all cool.

My reports were... you guessed it - rather average. Out of my 6 subjects, I got one Band 6, two 5's, two 4's and one Band 3... -.- Sure they aren't the best (in fact, they're pretty horrible), but I really think that my end of year reports will be much better, because I'll know what to expect. :D That doesn't necessarily mean I'll actually do any better... but hey! it's the thought that counts. :P

This, however, raises the problem of which subject I should be dropping next year... My original plans was to drop Music (it is so damn stressful!!), and to keep all my other subjects - 11 units all up. BUT... I'm failing Chemistry according to my report. I'd probably agree, but we've only had one assessment task, so I still don't really know how I'm doing... o___o"


Anyways, enough about me. I hope this post kinda clears up any misconceptions you may have had about me being a good student (LOL!), or that not working gives you good marks, 'cause it doesn't. Although this year is just our prelims, I think we should all be trying to do our best now, because if we leave it till Year 12 to do well, it'll just be too late. :|

In saying that though, please, PLEASE don't stress too hard and kill yourself if you do badly in a test! (This applies to ANYONE). The world is not going to end. Unless you intentionally screw yourself over. That's just your fault. :)

Until next time, happy studying! Cass xx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Nice to know...

So, I found this little gem yesterday, but Blogger decided to go all PMS-y and not work, so here it is, today.

"Your camera wants you to be average". Really? REALLY?!

Just btw, I think that anyone interested in photography should subscribe to this website... It's really good! And you know... average. :P

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fun fun fun fun...

I've decided that one post about camp just isn't enough. :D

So now that we're all settled back into school (somewhat), we can now reminisce about our great times at camp. Some of the things that camp has left me with are some great memories, unrecognised bruises, a cold (lol), a massive ulcer, and a yet-to-be-unpacked suitcase. That suitcase will probably stay that way though, since I'll have to start packing for Road Trip some day soon...


Today, my friend (and cabin-mate) spent our free period together. I love free periods, mainly because they are possbily the MOST fun way to spend 40 minutes of one's life. We discussed her Froot Loop addiction (oops...), the skeleton in one of the windows near the Year 7 quad, and rainbow possums shitting said Froot Loops. LOL. Let me explain...

At camp, our great friend Saske came over. We had Froot Loops. Enough said.

Well, for those who weren't there, I'll elaborate. We offered her Froot Loops. She went high. And quite frankly, Saske high is possibly one of the scariest things someone could see in their life. It was insane. Luckily, I have a video of ten minutes of this high-ness. :D
(Don't poke the bear... >:D)

Anyways, after she kinda stormed out from our cabin. I decided to follow her and try to get her to come back, so I threw Froot Loops at her. :D Needless to say, many people asked "Why are there Froot Loops all over the floor...?" The possum bit was because someone came  into our cabin to tell us they were trying to take photos of a possum that climbed up a tree near our cabin because it was cute. o___o"

Don't you just love camp? :D


Of course, Froot Loops aren't the only thing that make people go high. I must admit, I did go high later that night... on RedBull and V. It was EPIC. I swear. If we had a video camera, who knows what that thing could've filmed... ;D. About 5 of us stayed up being super high on drinks/sugar/each other, and one other completely crashed and was passed out on the floor until we tried to pick her up by the limbs... I don't remember too much of what happened, but from various accounts, I've managed to piece together that:

  1. We were high.
  2. Someone insisted on feeding everyone else M&Ms... while doing tumbleturns.
  3. STACKS were ON.
  4. Cheddar is very ticklish... >:], and finally
  5. We'd love to see each other drunk. 8D

There are many more other things that I'm sure many of us loved about camp. Whether it was challenging ourself to do the activities planned out (with enthusiasm!), or spending time with our best friends singing songs/dancing/eating, I really do wish we had one last camp so we can do it all again. :')

... Sweetcheeks. :3

Friday, 6 May 2011



From May 4 to 6, our last whole-year camp was held at Narrabeen Sport and Recreation Centre. We were determined to make Year 11 camp the best camp of our lives, and may I be so generous to say that it probably was, and will be. <3

  • Not being in the same group as anyone from our cabin... Seriously?!
  • Having to sleep/pack/leave :(

  • The activities... I must say, most of them were pretty good, but some were just lame.
  • Our cabins - on the above average side, but you can't say it's the best when the air conditioner looks twice your age...
  • Trivia night... Almost - we placed equal 10th out of 16. It was not very well presented, but hey! we make do with what we can :P
  • Food! It was actually really good! Not just the stuff we brought, too... Froot Loops!!
  • Sugar - self explanatory
  • Being with friends <3. Nothing tops that. :D Except maybe being super high with said friends... 8D

Teehee 8) (1:57am, last night)

Sunset on the second night :) (5:04pm)

If I was given the choice to do it all again, I'm pretty sure my response, as well as many others, would be something along the lines of "HELL YEAH!"

Thanks for everyone in my activity group, my cabin, and everybody else too awesome to get lumped into a category (hehe) for making this camp one of the best ever! :D

George will get you next time... >:]

Monday, 2 May 2011

Day 3

On our third day at the Gold Coast, we went to... SeaWorld! And it seemed that 3289325974956 other people had the same idea, too. D: The line to get into SeaWorld was absolutely MASSIVE. I think we waited about 40 minutes just to get in. :O

Anyway, the first thing we saw was the Imagine Dolphin Show, and like always, it failed... to disappoint! :P. 

My sister and I then went to wait to ride on the Sea Viper, which was pretty much the only real rollercoaster at SeaWorld. It's like the old school Corkscrew - it has a few loop-de-loops, and the namesake corkscrew... Pretty cool. 

There's a loop-de-loop on the right? I didn't get a very good photo ><

The other ride we went on was the Viking's Revenge Log Ride and, believe or not, both of our parents went on the ride! WOAAAAAAAAH! Maybe because we went on this when I was nine, and they concluded that it couldn't have been tooooooooo scary... right? Anyways, we bought a cool picture for us to take home! Yaaaay!

Ahahaha, I think my dad was SCARED. LOL. And my sis. :P

Since there wasn't too much left to do, we went over to Wet 'N Wild for about half an hour, until it closed at 5. Moral of the story: Theme parks get empty the later it gets, and therefore, you only have to wait a few minutes, instead of the usual few hours. :P


The winner for that lame competition I held a few days ago was... *drumroll*

Lilian!, with a guess of 999 photos. I thought you guys would've picked up on the fact I'd said I'd taken over 800 photos in the morning in one of the earlier posts... :P

Anyways, the prize is... a hug! LOL. AHAHAHAHAHA, I'm waaay to cheap to get real prizes... Maybe a better prize would be permission to glomp... You can have the whole of camp. :P