Monday, 6 June 2011

Thanks Everyone!

Ahh... I can finally write this post! (Well, not really, I need to pack for Road Trip! D:)

I might as well say it; it was my birthday on Friday! I feel kinda dumb thinking about it now, but I was not expecting anything from my friends! Now, I'm not saying that I think they're stingy bastards (which they're not, I assure you :P) but I didn't think that they actually got me something, so I was pleasantly surprised when I was handed several boxes wrapped in newspaper (as one normally would be).

Anyways, from my beautiful friends, I got several newspaper clippings, a plastic fork, a leather Pandora band and a dinosaur charm for said bracelet. I also got 1kgs of gumballs, a blue dog I named Blue, after an orange (lol), a jar of rosewater and a Kissing Bell... I'll attach a picture some day... :D

There's more for me to write, but I need to get up early tomorrow, and I'm staying up waaaaaaaaaay too late... :L

Once again, thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, everyone who contributed to any present, and everyone, just for being there and making my day extra speshool. :3

"Happy Birthday Lol Fail Cass!"

Oh yeah. The cake wasn't a lie!

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