Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The last phase of freedom...

There's only one thing on our collective minds. HOLIDAYSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! :D :D :D

Yes, it's that time of year again! But this time, it's special... It's our last (proper) holidays until just over a year from now. Gaddangit, nooooooooooooooooooo! >:(

Anywho. Exam period. Now, most people tend to tear their hair out and try to relearn (or learn in some cases) terms worth of information like a piece of stone-like sea sponge soaks up water - desperately. lolwut. But I emphasise that this is for most people. I (and in extension, we my friends) are not most people. Thank God for that. :P

Anyways, since I'm a crazy little bugger that does 13 units instead of 12 and do all the subjects that aren't together in exam period, I had to come to school for 8/10 exam days. Which is FREAKING ANNOYING AS SH*T. The one day (almost) everyone was there was last Thursday, cause we're all Ancient History nerds. B). Usually people go home or something after their test (read: away from school). Yours truly, however, gets the lovely choice of either staying at school for another FIVE HOURS, or face certain extinction, so it's not hard to guess which one I picked. For the first week it was bearable - I tried catching up on term-late maths work, which failed for obvious reasons. The second week, though? 

If I were to describe my preliminary exam period in one word, I'd choose:


The sad part is that it's true. LOL. But seriously folks. I don't even know how long I was sitting. By myself. All alone. *cue 'alone' music ie. Alllllllll byyyyyyyy myyyyyseeeeeeeelf~

Yeah. True story of my life. 


Now that exams are over and stuff, I don't know what to do with myself. I reeeeeaally don't want to do any work, but I've done so many tutoring placement tests it's not even funny... I mean sure it's the holidays, but there's so much I could/should do. Like have fun study. Yes. That's what my parents want me to do. Or maybe it's just my mum... Anyway, it's completely unreasonable to expect us Year 11s going onto Year 12 veeeery soon to not have a good time, especially when it's going to be our LAST EVER HOLIDAY. Foh real shizzles. wut. 

Anyway. Moral of the story: Have fun, guys! :D


The beginning of Year 12 also marks the end of another era - the Monday Lunches. Technically, we'll still have Monday lunch, but because we don't have any obligations after lunch, I can see many of us going home early :(. Anyways, the last Monday Lunch of the term was marked by the one and only douchey-moustache stamp from Typo (look! I even matched the font! :D). So what would you do with a douchey-moustache stamp?

Heeeeey Boyo! We're all fish around here! ˚3˚


Tomorrow is the Year 12 Mock Assembly - a 2-3 hour time slot where Year 12 shows us funny they aren't can be! Fun! :D I'm pretty sure everybody looks forward to these, cause why not? They must be the highlight of the Year 12 social calendar. :P Perhaps if I'm not lazy, I'll post up a couple of the best parts of it or something. :D

And on that note, I bid thee farewell. Let the good times roll! 8D

PS: Have a picture of my friends with Bruce Lee. :D